Behind the Reflection

Please only read this story if you are twelve or over. It is quite creepy, and is my first thriller story. Tell me what you think!


4. One last prayer.

The light flickered on and off twice, then stayed dark.

  The only light in the whole room was a dim, dim light coming from the glass on the mirror. This didn't help at all. AT ALL. The glass ghost comes from the mirror. So the one thing I needed, was to see the mirror.

  NO! The one thing I wanted, was to not see the mirror. Oh, and of course, survive this horror.

  I crawled into the cabinet beneath the sink. I shut the doors as much as I could, but it was a small space, and my knees stuck out. 

  Something was poking me, it was a toothpaste tube. I grunted; "UGH!" and it flew up and started poking me in the head. All the knives flew at me at once, I screamed and shut the cabinet doors even more, though I was in the most uncomfortable position in the history of uncomfortable positions.

  The knives hit the doors, and went half-way through. Most touched my arms and legs lightly, but one of them, the biggest knife of all, went into my leg deeply.

  I cried and cried, trying to get it out, but it wouldn't budge. I screamed, and it moved out. I couldn't believe it. The doors opened and my leg was stinging terribly, so I realized, it would be so much better to die, than to stay in here, frightened out of my mind.

  I got up, after many attempts. I faced the mirror and said one last prayer;

   Dear God,

  I thank you for the life you have given me.

  Though I didn't live the length you were supposing me to, I am thankful for the length I lived.

  I will hopefully see you, wherever I next go.

  Please look after my family, Lexi, and everybody else.

  Please don't let this Ghost of Glass torture anybody else.

  Amen, Mary.

  At the sound of my name, the glass brightened up very bright, and I saw my reflection.

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