Behind the Reflection

Please only read this story if you are twelve or over. It is quite creepy, and is my first thriller story. Tell me what you think!


1. Friday Thirteenth

"Goodbye, darling." I heard my Mother say. She smelled of that perfume that you can smell even when you breathe out through your nose.

  I didn't look up from my phone. My friend was texting me this story she heard.

  The story was that on this very night, Friday the thirteenth, a ghost of glass came and attacked one house. It hides in a mirror, and gives you clues, to where it is. Once you find it, the mirror will look like a mirror, first I guess, and then... Well, she said she didn't know what happened after that, something like your reflection changes permanently or something.

  "Oh, bye Mum," I said, still not looking up.

  I heard Dad come down the stairs, but still didn't look up.

  "Now, just because we're gone, doesn't mean we won't hear if you invite Lexi over, or have a party again." He said.

  "Yeah." I muttered.

  "Bye, and-"

  "Don't die on me." I interrupted. "Don't die on me" Was this stupid joke Dad's best friend used to have been told by his mother all the time. Dad picked it up and now he says it all the time.

  "Have fun sweetie," My Mother kissed me on the forehead and then they were off. They closed the door behind them. And I could hear Mum's high-heels descending down the stairs to the exit of the apartments.

   When the footsteps were gone, I texted Lexi, "Want 2 come over?"

  After a while she texted back "I can't, I have 2 help Mum around the house. She wants me 2 get off the phone now. See you xxx"

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