Behind the Reflection

Please only read this story if you are twelve or over. It is quite creepy, and is my first thriller story. Tell me what you think!


3. All the locked doors.

I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

  In the end I ran up to my bedroom, only for electric wires to fly at me and attempt to electrocute me.

  I dived under my bed, which I knew was a stupid thing to do, but I had nothing else to do!
  There was a lot of huffing and puffing coming from me (Breathing, duh) and then silence. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. I then heard a lot of dripping, a light switch turning on and off, and a toilet flushing.

  I had a single cardboard box under the bed to keep me company.

  Nope, I was wrong, it was against me, on the Glass Ghost's side. It slid behind me and pushed me forward. It was very strong for a little box! It forced me out from under the bed. The door, which had constantly been opening and closing, swung open fully. It didn't close again afterwards.

  I sat up, feeling absolutely terrified. The cardboard box came flying at me, and hit me in the back of the head.

  I got up, trying with all my heart and soul not to scream. It kept flying at me, then up the stairs and through the open door came the knives from the kitchen. What true horror story is ever complete without knives?

  They flew, and took their place with the cardboard box, beside it. They flew at me attempting to stab me, I suppose, but mostly guiding me to the open door. I was frightened not to go towards it, in case they'd kill me, which, by the way, they weren't afraid to do.

  When I was out the door, they followed me still. As soon as the last knife came out the door, the door shut, and I most utterly was sure I heard the key twist and lock me out. My parents' room's door was locked too. I ran for the stairs, and it fell from the landing with a crash. I had no access to the stairs, my bedroom, my parents' room, or any room downstairs whatsoever. I also couldn't unlock the any of the doors, because the keys slipped to the other side.

  The only door open was the bathroom door. Most knives circled around me, some hopped into the cardboard box, which flew above my head.

  I stood there, watching the knives.

  In the end, they forced me to the bathroom, where the light was switching on and off, the taps on the bath, shower and sink were running.

  As soon as I entered, the key slipped to the other side, and locked me in. I was toast.

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