Anna's always seen life one way - we all have. What you see through your eyes is your own perspective on the world, on the people around you. No one can tell you otherwise. But what happens when Anna wakes up the morning after her death in a different body, the body of someone she used to know? For once, she's seeing life through someone else's eyes, but can your perception ever really be changed?


1. Prologue

It was as if, that day, I knew I was going to die. Perhaps it was the way the trees swayed from side to side in the blistering wind as if waving me goodbye on my way to school, or perhaps it was the way opportunities strung out of hidden places, giving me one last chance to make up for all I'd done wrong. Maybe it was just the way I woke up - that sudden thought that it was my last day, even though it had never occurred to me to have thought of it before. Maybe it wasn't either. Maybe it was just a gut feeling, a sensation clutching at my chest.

Either way, I knew it. 

Either way, I couldn't forget it.

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