Every once a century, only one is born with the zodiac 'Virgo'. But this century is different. This time it's not only one, but two. A boy and a girl. Born with 10 days in-between. Though the world did not know of this, until her 16th birthday. Until now.


1. Prologue

A place on earth, you could hear a mother scream. She was about to give birth. Though the pain was unbearable, she couldn't have been happier. It was the 24th of August, and he was to be born as Virgo. He was to be known in every corner of the world. She could give him the life, she wanted for him. A life without any needs.

It was over. He was the most beautiful creature ever seen. His eyes where as blue as the clear sky and his hair as light as the sun.. "Kaden," she whispered. His crying stopped, and a smile brighter than the stars appeared on his face.


10 days later, another screaming mother was to hear. Cause also here, a newborn had been giving the gift of life. But this was a pretty little girl. Also she had blue eyes, and hair lighter than the sun. But she didn't cry at all, no. She looked at her mother with the biggest smile a newborn could have. She had seen the light of the world as soon as she saw it, and it was to follow her. She named her Rin.

The next morning, they had agreed to send out the message. But as the father read the morning paper, the message about Kaden, had already been posted. Not only would Rin become famous. But this... This would make every day a nightmare. This was a rare event, never happened before. They would never get the privacy a child needed to make her everyday a happy place. So they agreed to keep her a secret, until her 18th birthday, so she was old enough to decide for herself.

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