Every once a century, only one is born with the zodiac 'Virgo'. But this century is different. This time it's not only one, but two. A boy and a girl. Born with 10 days in-between. Though the world did not know of this, until her 16th birthday. Until now.


2. First day of school

"Bye mom!" I ran past her, towards the door. This was finally the day. I turned 18 half a month from now, and mom had promised me, that I could stop hiding.

"Rin Harries! You are not going anywhere without breakfast!" I stopped just as I was about to grab the handle. "But mom, I don't have time for breakfast," I tried convincing her. "Yes you do. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everyone has time for breakfast." She looked at me with her mom-look. I had never accomplished refusing that face. Ding! The toaster was ready. I grabbed it before mom could even react to the sound. "Rin! I had prepared that." "Sorry mom, power of the Aries."​​​ I grabbed my bag. "I love you mom!" I shouted as I walked out the door.


I was standing in front of the school gate. 'So, this is it,' ​I thought. I was quite nervous. I had never been in a place like this. I had always been taught at home by my grandmother. She was the only thing I had left from my father. He left us before I was born. No one really know where he went. But it was not so much this wasn't schooling at home. This was the first time anyone close to my age would know about my existence. Of another one keeping the zodiac Virgo.

I felt ready, and took the first step towards the school. Next this I saw a flash of a shadow and then the ground. My books where all over the place. '​What the hell was that?' I​ looked around, and saw three skateboards and above 3 guys. One had light hair and green eyes, the other had almost black hair and brown eyes, and the third... "Hey! Look where you're standing!" 'Look where I​ ​was standing! Me?' "You might should be looking where you're skating," I said quietly. "I'm sorry, what?" The dark-haired ​guy said. "You heard me," I said louder. "This is in front of the gate, where do you expect me to stand?" "Do you realise who you are talking to?" The other one said. I was getting pretty mad here. "I'm new, so no. I'm sorry your royal highnesses. I hope I was not offending you... too much." I turned around and walked away. They shouted something, but I didn't listen. I was headed right towards my classroom.

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