My Secret Life

Riley Kennedy works part time at the hockey rink. After hours, when everyone's gone, she'll be gliding on the ice, playing hockey and shooting pucks by herself. Luke Hemmings is the captain of the current hockey champion holders - the Bulls. One day, Luke catches Riley skating and they hit it off. The next day, Riley decided to try out for the hockey team. To defend his pride, Luke rejects her and says no because she's a girl. Riley is heartbroken, and furious. She decides then to join the hockey team under an alias - Randy. It's a lot harder to have a double life than you think it is. What if he finds out? Well, that's a chance I'm going to have to take.


1. This Is My Secret

Hi. My name is Riley Kennedy. I just turned 17, and it's the summer before senior year and instead of going on a vacation with my 3 best friends, my parents decided that I should stay here for the summer and get a job. So there's where I am right now: in an ice rink working the concession stand, selling junk foods to bratty teenagers.

"It'll be fun!" "It's good to have working experience!" "I don't want you to become one of those girls who just has everything handed to them." Blah blah blah. Yeah, that's great. Don't know, don't care.

Oh the joy. I am so glad that my parents forced me to stay here and pretend to be nice to people who think everyone is beneath them. I totally wouldn't much rather be on the beach chilling with my friends. Sarcasm intended. What else? Um… my mom is Italian and my dad is from here: Sydney, Australia. I have long wavy-ish brown hair that I dyed blue and red streaks in. I know right, rebellious. 

It's a couple weeks into the summer. Everyday (except Sunday), from 4:30 - 9, I'll go to the rink and when it's not busy, I'll watch people skate. There's four rinks and I'm right in the middle of them. There's a group of boys who play hockey in rink 2. They're there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know who they are, they're the Red Bulls, defending champions and whatnot. Please. I could kick all their butts.

Every night, once I've closed up the rink, I'll stay for about another hour or so just skating around, playing a bit of hockey by myself. My dad taught me when I was little. No one knows I skate either. It's kind of my little secret. When I was little, I had dreams of playing hockey like a pro. It was my passion. From since I could walk, my dad used to take me ice skating. I loved it with a passion. Then, when I was 9, he got a new job, and since then, we've grown distant. He's hardly ever home, he's always working, he never takes me out anywhere anymore. 

Same with my mom. Both of them work extensively hard so a lot of the time, I'm really lonely. And they chose this summer to start caring?! Are you kidding me? I know I sound like a brat but they don't have a right to come barging back into my life after they left when they did. I was a child. They left me alone! I practically raised myself.

Okay, so I'm being a tad overdramatic. But still. So yeah, back to my boring job at the ice rink. All four rinks were being used. Rink 1 for a beginners ice skating class for kids aged 5-10. Rink 2 for the hockey boys. Rink 3 for leisure skaters, and rink 4 for the figure skaters practising for Nationals. As bratty as I may seem, they are a thousand times worse. Serious. No joke.


"Excuse me?" A voice rudely said. I turned around to find a little girl no more than 11 years old standing at the counter. 

"Can I help you?" I asked as politely as I could. I'm trying. I really am. But c'mon!

"Uh, yeah. Water me! I am so tired and thirsty! It's people like you who can't be bothered to do their jobs, that make me stressed and lose Nationals." Seriously, she's blaming this on me?!

She's what I call a bunhead. It's just my nickname for those kind of people. Girls between the ages of 6 and 16, who think that they own the world just because they dance and twirl around in sparkly skirts. They're rude and conceited and their parents just think how oh-so-amazingly talented their children are. Talented, sure. Manners? Not so much.

When I got that little girl her water, I said, "Here you go sweetie." And handed her the bottle, trying to be nice.

She had the nerve to say, "Thanks doll, put it on my tab." Then she blew me a kiss before prancing away. Right before she left, she said, "You might want to consider putting some makeup on that thing you call a face." I bit back a snappy comeback not just because it was a totally junior high thing to say, but because I could get fired.

One time, I snapped at a girl who dumped her water on my head because it 'wasn't the right kind'. And when I shouted at her, she burst into tears and her parents and my boss came over and guess who got the blame. I hate this job.

Back to reality. What you're about to hear is the story of something that happened this summer, and it changed my life. This is where my story begins. It all started on a Wednesday. Second week in. The rink was closed for the night and I was lacing up my skates, ready to hit the ice. I had my earphones in, blasting Boys Like Girls. I ran a couple of rounds to break into my skates a little. Then I grabbed a hockey stick and started to imagine the plays by myself. I was dodging invisible defenders headed towards the goal.

Stick in the air, ready to shoot, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed, slipped and my head hit the ice with a loud thud that rattled through my head. The last thing I saw were those eyes. Those eyes that were blue like the ocean. His eyes.

HELLO PEOPLE OF THE MOVELLAS WORLD. I AM BACK WITH A NEW STORY! Partly because, I'm really stumped on ideas for my other story and whenever I read fanfiction, I always feel like the girl is the damsel in distress that her knight in shining armor will save and they'll live happily ever after and whatnot. But, in my stories I like it when I make the girl quite adventurous and they can do whatever the guys can do. I really like hockey and I was watching one of my friends play it the other day and inspiration struck for this story! Likes and comments are cool, tell me what you guys think of this story! I'm not giving up on my other one or anything, just giving my brain a break since school's started and everything and now I'm already really stressed from school work, so apologies if I don't update as frequently. If you made it to the bottom of this author's note, you are amazing and I love you and I have to go, cause I'm rambling. Ok, bye I love you all!  xx -D


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