100th Hunger Games / 5SOS


1. Calais

Hunger games fanfiction

I slowly stroked the soft silk of the slightly off coloured blue blouse that was covering my body. The lacey collar was tickling te back of my neck, which I must add, was like a creamy milk colour. Not too white, but pale.

"Calais, hurry up now dear, we have to go soon!" the stern, american far away sounding voice shouted from downstairs. The voice was from Kayden, her father.

"Ok," her whispered, knowing that he wouldn't be able to hear her. Slight fear could be heard in her voice, like a ghost girl you hear of in movies.

Calais was like a ghost. Pale, mysterious, haunting. She swiftly moved around, slowly yet silently. But she didn't have the personality of a ghost. In fact, she could be quite loud and chatty and smiley.

She usually was. It was just today. She was meeting her once-victors grandparents. She loved them, and saw them occasionally, but tonight was different.

She had to speak about the upcoming event. The annual event that made her family known for.

Krymerra, her mother, was in the hunger games a few years ago, but was stabbed by Ryss, a fellow tribute and now victor.

Thinking if the memory of the news Calais wiped a tear from her eye.

She picked herself up from the leather still she was at on and quickly brushed the flyways in her hair back.

She feebly touched the door open and held the marble bannister as she made her way down the staircase.

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