The Six of Worlds (a mash of my fav stuff( On Hold....again)

Izalansadi,Gala,Cloudy,Hallgralla,Pinkkit and Deathkit were destined to find each other. But they are so darned different.
Izalansadi is a spoiled dragon princess.

Gala is a hopelessly romantic paint dragon.
Cloudy is a superrare cloud dragon, and has an epic past.
Hallgralla is another cloud dragon,and was missing for 8 years, and is Cloudy's childhood friend.
Pinktail is a strange looking phenomenon of a Warrior kitten.
Deathfang is a shy,but prideful big tom kitten, and is a bit older than Pinktail.

These characters are part of another Prophecy set out for the greater good by the Dragon Creator, Gullyinn, who wishes to control the uncontrollable Rifts or Portals which are appearing at an alarming rate,which has happened only thrice in the past, resulting with a nice mass extinction.

She is trying to send all dragons and humans of draconic-blood back to the legendary starting point, another astral plane with the name of the Unicverse, and this bunch is one of the lot.


1. *** P R O L O G U E*** (EDITED)

I do not own Berk, or the idea of Warriors. I DO own some the characters,such as Izalansadi,Gala,Pinktail,Steamwing,Deathfang,Blueflight,Dovestar,Firefur,Firefeather,Mosspaw,and most of the characters. HOWEVER: i do not actually own Cloudy. She is the OC of a different person whom i have express permission to post the character's adventures. \ All rights reserved.

(I copied the story from my wattpad account (mahzehri) to movellas bc why not?)


Pinkkit squealed with joy as she hit the dusty floor of Camp. Deathkit,on top of her,mimicked a fake growl and swiped at her muzzle with his claws sheathed. Steampaw peered over his mother's shoulder to watch the kittens tussle energectically,with Pinkkit's slender paws hitting Deathkit's broad, dark-furred chest repeatedly until Deathkit admit defeat.

Pinkkit delicately extracted herself from Deathkit and rolled away,panting madly.She lay still for a while,with her exhausted but undeterred playmate spread-eagled on the dirt. Deathkit glanced at Steampaw out of the corner of his eye,who was snorting at his cousin's defeat coming from a slightly younger female, and mouthed,Shall i try again?

Steampaw nearly answered,then decided better and stopped, and shook his head when a tail came in contact with his head and shut him up soundly.His mother, Blueflight, glared at him and motioned to the clan Leader.

The Clan cats were attending the Meeting. Steampaw had been newly apprenticed to his mother (he complained much) and Dovestar was choosing the cats who were to attend the impending Gathering. Dovestar was until Steampaw had sniggered loudly.Steampaw felt impatient eyes on him,and crouched sheepishly,desperately needing to disappear. Dovestar,satisfied with his shame, raised her tail and announced the Meeting closed.

Cats dispersed,scoffing at Steampaw and his loud snorts,giving him evil eyes as they passed.No-one sympathized. His mother cuffed him and dragged him to Dovestar, who was telling Firefur to organize a patrol with Steampaw,Blueflight and Blackears. The kits could still hear his wails.

Meanwhile, in all of this commotion, Pinkkit whipped her head up,ears pricked.Deathkit noticed, and padded over to her and asked "Pinkkit, what is it that you see?" For Pinkkit was staring deep into the distance, outside the camp.When she did not answer,Deathkit followed her gaze and saw two emerald eyes,and a round ,kit-sized bit of night near the orbs of green light.It was a wonder that they were able to see it.

Compelled by such a discovery, Pinkkit ignored Deathkit and bound to the edge and over, stopping in front of the eyes.Deathkit followed,confused, and sat beside her, watching the eyes.Pinkkit's mouth was open, and someone spoke to Deathkit as they stared. "Listen, shadow-of-reaper. Take her. To the great tree, and proclaim to the young one." Deathkit crouched,automatically defensive, and whimpered. That echoing voice was one of a world-weary adult, reprimanding a misbehaving child, and telling him further instructions to make up for the behavior.

It coughed, hissing, and went on: "Tell the tree, tell the misty-wings first and then awoken dragon-blood-kitten, here is an egg. The Elder Ones have arisen. It is NOT for you to handle. It will attach to dragon-blood-kitten. Take it. She will take it." Those last words apparently comforted the dragon beyond all others;it's task was done. The purpose of messenger of black wings had been fulfilled with no more reason for it to stay on Earth.The eyes drooped.

Pinkkit seemed not to have noticed;on the contrary, she was apparently stuck frozen in the time stream. Deathkit desperately needed comfort of real things,so he shuffled closer. Pinkkit unfroze at the simple touch, and flopped bonelessly. Deathkit nudged her with alarm, then relief;her heart was beating and she was just wholly tired, for some reason. Deathkit attempted to pick her up, and looked back.

The camp was only a mouse-length away.Pinkkit stirred, and Deathkit tried to roll her away. Why had the eyes only spoken to him? Was something a lot worse going on? Those eyes vanished once and reappeared, and that was all he knew before the bit of night was flicked viciously toward him,sending him flying into the middle of camp with Pinkkit yowling behind. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pinkkit rolled over and woke up. The bit of night was clinging to her claw and not letting go.It seemed to be early morning; no cat was awake.Sunlight peered feebly through the entrance of the medicine den, and the smell of herbs (mostly catnip) was overwhelming to her mind.Delusions caused her to leave reality, and she was dancing through a field of beauty and catnip, occasionally pausing to graze like a rabbit.

It was Deathkit,and Steampaw, who padded worriedly into the shady,musty, herb-smelling den and woke her up fully, not the nearby snoozing Birdleg.Pinkkit tried to extract herself from the bit of night and failed, and looked up at her visitors.

"I missed you."

Deathkit's slightly deep and husky voice sounded more hoarse than usual, as if Pinkkit had slept for days.Steampaw nodded at his cousin vigorously. Deathkit looked rather unsure with himself; in front of Pinkkit, he was too relieved to see her alive and well to meow properly.

Ever since he had once came into nursery for a nap and found a tired Greystream with a bit of fur beside her,he was fascinated by whatever Pinkkit did.She looked a bit bizarre and full of patterns,ad half her tail was a white-rosy shade, and she always seemed to attract the strangest phenomenoms,such as the green fox and the winged mouse.When she opened her eyes and began to crawl, Deathkit had importantly shown her Thunderclan and was open-mouthed when she looked at him with the green eyes and merely mewed "You know so much.You are not from here, are you?You're Shadowclan."Deathkit had no idea how she deduced that from him knowing so much about Camp life.But it was true;he was a Shadowclan cat for a week.He was born there.

"I dont think i was gone for more than an hour." Her accented* trill told him all;she did not know that she was sleeping for three days."Oh dear..i was,right?"Neither of them answered.Steampaw cocked his head and considered Deathkit.He looked clammy. While Deathkit closed his eyes, Steampaw looked at Pinkkit.She was watching the black round thing pulsate with a motherly expression, and placed her other paw upon and rubbed it fervently.

Steampaw looked again at Deathkit and decided to cuff him impatiently. Deathkit gasped and focused on Pinkkit who was watching them, slightly disturbed. Deathkit shuffled closer and crouched next to Pinkkit.He whispered in her ear and she leaped to her feet.Her eyes sparkled, but her steps were hindered by the thing strapped to her foot like a shackle.She dragged herself out of the den, then looked behind to see if he was coming.Deathkit did not hesitate and padded over, closely followed by Steampaw, who was informed of the plan and plot earlier.Pinkkit dragged the paw that was soundly attached to the black thing, and walked to the entrance and out into the forest, followed by her two friends.

Deathkit nearly snagged his upraised hackles on the briar. They paused at the Great Oak and Pinkkit was panting from the weight of the bit of black.Steampaw had been shown the Great Oak when he was on patrol with Birdflight, and was still struck by the height of the oak, as were the kittens.Deathkit attempted to extract the black bit from her and this time, due to the correct conditions applied by the Messenger, (to his surprise) he succeeded.

Steampaw watched over his shoulder and marveled at the precise and tender moves he made when extracting the black thing, even though he was aware of what it was. Deathkit nudged it over to the Oak,and without looking at them,in an uncharacteristic squeaky-mousy voice announced that it was an egg, given to them by the Elder Ones for reasons he did not know. He did not, however, reveal the source of his info.

Suddenly very afraid, he crouched down low and flattened his ears. His companons followed his example;thus there was tension in the air.

With this,the egg turned white, and exploded. A hatchling rolled out, but was not free for long.

Once again, Pinkkit and her friends were thrown all the way to the camp and slept there soundly, huddled in the heart,not woken until their parents shook them awake,alarmed by the random reappearance.

But at the Great Oak, a black rift opened beside the trunk, seeming sucking all light from a circular radius,and the considerably frazzled hatchling was sucked into the portal and was taken to another place.No one saw this but a little confused sparrow,who soon would have nearly died if it hadn't fallen on a thick springy gray covering of lichen coating a boulder below.

Deep in Space, in another Universal Plane, Gullyinn the Dragon Lady proclaimed the Prophecy in motion to her workers:

There are few worlds of dragons true to their words.

The oceans never mix,always collide

But six hatchlings will live up to more than their mother's pride

Each has their own story worthy of the worlds

And what will happen when they mix, in a blender

Will dragonkind always hate these ascenders?


*Pinkkit had a strong British accent.

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