The Six of Worlds (a mash of my fav stuff( On Hold....again)

Izalansadi,Gala,Cloudy,Hallgralla,Pinkkit and Deathkit were destined to find each other. But they are so darned different.
Izalansadi is a spoiled dragon princess.

Gala is a hopelessly romantic paint dragon.
Cloudy is a superrare cloud dragon, and has an epic past.
Hallgralla is another cloud dragon,and was missing for 8 years, and is Cloudy's childhood friend.
Pinktail is a strange looking phenomenon of a Warrior kitten.
Deathfang is a shy,but prideful big tom kitten, and is a bit older than Pinktail.

These characters are part of another Prophecy set out for the greater good by the Dragon Creator, Gullyinn, who wishes to control the uncontrollable Rifts or Portals which are appearing at an alarming rate,which has happened only thrice in the past, resulting with a nice mass extinction.

She is trying to send all dragons and humans of draconic-blood back to the legendary starting point, another astral plane with the name of the Unicverse, and this bunch is one of the lot.


15. hhh im so stupid


\My friend and i were talking and stuff and she left. But the next day i remembered all the stupid typos we did and a wild THIS appeared!

*uses type*


(Bow was an alias in Animal Jam (da stupid clan leader dubbed me 'bow' bc i had a black bow and arrow but SERIOUSLY....'BOW'?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?) and she was lily, and sparpclaw was a typo on another alias named Sharpclaw and 'pler' was a typo on pale. She made it the day she tried to cheer me up about having anemia,'phonix' is a typo on' phoenix,arizona' and 'hoe' is a typo on 'how')


[5:02:33 AM] Mah Zehri: -calls at 5 in the morning and expects you to respond-

[5:02:38 AM] Mah Zehri: 8D

[5:10:07 AM] Mah Zehri: Sparpclaw enters

[5:10:14 AM] Mah Zehri: Sparpclaw: HUR DURR DURR.

[5:10:22 AM] Mah Zehri: Lily use your bow

[5:10:24 AM] Mah Zehri: No.

[5:10:58 AM] Mah Zehri: Lily looks up, trying to stuff an arrow in Bow

[5:11:05 AM] Mah Zehri: Sparpclaw: not

[5:11:06 AM] Mah Zehri: that

[5:11:07 AM] Mah Zehri: bow

[5:11:15 AM] Mah Zehri: LIly: hey i heard something

[5:11:21 AM] Mah Zehri: bow: GURGLGURLGUR

[5:11:50 AM] Mah Zehri: Lily: Someone's mum is going to work at the mayonnaise clinic in phonix.

[5:12:09 AM] Mah Zehri: Phonix is a town hoe damn far away which loves phonics apparently

[5:12:38 AM] Mah Zehri: Lily: and

[5:12:45 AM] Mah Zehri: the clinic also serves pler people!

[5:13:09 AM] Mah Zehri: Sparpclaw facefloors because a facepalm cannot contain all the fail

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