The Six of Worlds (a mash of my fav stuff( On Hold....again)

Izalansadi,Gala,Cloudy,Hallgralla,Pinkkit and Deathkit were destined to find each other. But they are so darned different.
Izalansadi is a spoiled dragon princess.

Gala is a hopelessly romantic paint dragon.
Cloudy is a superrare cloud dragon, and has an epic past.
Hallgralla is another cloud dragon,and was missing for 8 years, and is Cloudy's childhood friend.
Pinktail is a strange looking phenomenon of a Warrior kitten.
Deathfang is a shy,but prideful big tom kitten, and is a bit older than Pinktail.

These characters are part of another Prophecy set out for the greater good by the Dragon Creator, Gullyinn, who wishes to control the uncontrollable Rifts or Portals which are appearing at an alarming rate,which has happened only thrice in the past, resulting with a nice mass extinction.

She is trying to send all dragons and humans of draconic-blood back to the legendary starting point, another astral plane with the name of the Unicverse, and this bunch is one of the lot.


7. #.6.# Patapon2~Gala {EDITED} (But It's Just A Game)

Hopping across a portal was utter uncertainty. Like jumping through a hole in a wall, and appearing in another room.Completely random.

But Gala jumped through a wall....and fell from the ceiling.

She shrieked, falling and flailing through a forest of simple trees and prayed that she would not become a nice Gala-pancake. Thankfully,the Lady of Dragons responded, and she landed instead on a thick, thornless branch,less hurt than if she fell onto the ground and still in charge of half her senses. Her reflexes commanded her arms to wrap around the branch and stay there, quivering as the thick twig bounced slightly before shuddering to a halt, throwing a few leaves.

Gala lay there, stunned.After a matter of a few moments she carefully sat up,breathing low and fast, and took a note of her unfamiliar(?) surroundings. The thing she balanced on was completely smooth and cold, like metal, and dots speckled the jet black sky above, apparently stars of some kind. All the surrounding trees were as black as the sky and nearly the same, with pruned semicircle clumps of leaves on perfectly straight branches, which jutted out from the 'bark' at random intervals.A reddish glow emanated softly from in front, accompanied with (probably) voices, which was a good sign of civilization (but not necessarily a civil one). She was alone as well. And her appearances did not feel right; she couldn't control her tail, or her wings, just something coming from her head (maybe antennae?) and the usual limbs:her arms,legs,hands and her feet.

Gala stared at her hands in alarm. They were long enough to encircle her body and their colour was pure black, and shaped like a stickman's with circles at the end. No fingers...but she could still feel them.Gala swallowed, and stared at her legs. Also long and stickman-worthy, with little sharp ends.She wiggled them,thinking that it was very,very creepy. What else?

Oh. Right. The two antennae thingies on the top of her head. Gala slowly reached out and waggled them. They felt fluffy and four-tined.

Great! I appear to be a moth.

Gala looked down apprehensively, eyeing the long drop.

If i'm a moth...then i could fly off!

She nearly tried this newfound idea,leaning forward, ad tensing, before to pausing to think.

Wait!... I appear to have only vestigial wings, and four limbs.....I cannot fly, neither am i a moth.

The orange glow in the west shifted in a way so that it hit her right eye. Gala blinked, irritated.She blinked both of her eyes at once.


She put a hand on where her left eye would be, and blinked. In response, the eye her hand was on struggled to droop down. She removed her hand with horror, and felt all around. She found she possed a single, huge eye which her limbs were connected to.

I'm a one eye! A one eye...

She shivered, and pondered the creatures,any of them, which only possessed a single,huge eye which her body was based on.

Ultra thin arms..and legs...balls for hands.... big single eye. Cycaraclops...or Shesilsa...

She sat there, burning the midnight oil and hopelessly wondering about her twisted appearance. She wandered far into the back of her mind....and hit a bump.


She dug at the small wrinkle,seeking what lay behind. It was as if trying to dig a well; shoveling into the earth, deeper and deeper, before finding a great store of magic.Gala seeked to manipulate it, and maybe turn into an atlas moth. She hit the store of energy, and formed it. Now all she had to do was throw the magi-

Hey! Hey. Don't!

Gala stopped,holding the magic and trying not to let it flow through her hands in surprise.

Hey. Its Gullyinn! I know. The super awesome dragon goddess! Bow later. Im here to answer questions.

The presence dimmed for a moment,waiting for Gala's answer.

Gala wondered. She could ask...anything? What she was, where she was,why this had happened,where were the others,what could now go wrong,why had the portal been summoned...There had to be a catch. There always was with Elder Ones. Gala took a deep breath, and asked what she felt was a bursting question;

Where is everyone?

Oh, it chuckled, the light brightening painfully. They're in other lands,together. You're the only alone one. Next!


Where's Emerald?

It paused. to put this lightly?....... She's sleeping in her respective Elder One.

Ah, thought Gala, clearing up. So Harry is Griffon, Veronica Godith and....

Yes, thought Gullyinn with pride. Emerald is me.

Gala unconsciously swung her legs.

Ah. You only have one question left.

No,two. What am i? How did i get here?

Well, if i answer one, the other gets answered as well.

She paused, for dramatic effect.

You're a Patapon!


Some kind with cute like feathery thingies, eyelashes..? a crown,a painted cape and an AWESOME magic pencil. It can transform you into any other form (except Dekapon which is changing your whole self) like Kibapon, cetera. When you aren't in any particular form, you look like...that. A Mutatiopon. Mutatio is 'change' in Latin. As for a clarification of where.... You're in the PSP game Patapon 2, in the forest by the....stage thing? mmmm....

Gala got an image of a dragon perching on an empty wasteland of outer space, cocking it's head with a dark, faraway look in it's eyes.

ALSO! a great word of warning: DO NOT TOUCH ANY PATAPON THERE UNLESS YOU HAVE CHANGED INTO ANOTHER ANIMAL THAN YOUR PATAPON FORM. You'll unleash EXTREME power and a portal too soon, which will take you into another corrupted world where you cannot get out from. Okay? Okay. I'll tell you when to go ka-boom.It'll be in a fate- changing part; a part which, if continued, would alter the whole dimension.Goodbye!

Gullyinn vanished from her mind,leaving Gala alone, next to her store of magic on a strange tree in a forbidding land. She hugged the branch,taking care of the slickness, and sniffled. She wasn't used to crying helplessly or any surge of extreme emotion but ,for a while, she lay there and cried her heart out, lamenting to the world.When she gathered her fragmented composure, she sat up and shakily took off her crown and inspected it.

It was a beautiful bit of work, forged of a pure white metal and adorned with dragon jades. The same polished, rounded jewel floated on top of the smaller points,bobbing serenely. She turned it over and over, squinting at the design and rubbing slowly as it rotated.

Nice. She placed it back on her head. Eye? Whatever.

Gala looked down forlornly, and spotted something hanging there behind her.

This is the 'painted cape', I guess. She grabbed it an held it up to eye level. The cape was made of dragonskin covered in white scales. Three groups of scales where coloured red, green, and blue. Her primary colours. How thoughtful. Gala was pleased with it.

Okay. There's supposed to be a magic pencil..... It doesn't appear to be ON me or something... Gala peeped to her left. There it is!

It was a standard hexagonal 'number 2' pencil, with a peachy pink rubber at the end. It does not seem very magic.

She was observant in that way.

Gala didn't bother to pick it up. She put her hands in her lap and sat there, watching the glittering moon with a feeling of finality.She had accepted her fate, but that didn't mean that she was determined.

How can i pluck up the courage to go walking in and say ' Hi! I'm a Patapon, but i'm supposed to be a dragon,originated from another world, and i randomly came here by portal, and i need some help and you all to risk your lives trying to bring me back. Okay? okay. Lets get this party started!" Maybe i'll just stay here until Gullyinn drops by again and tells me to ... go ka-boom? No. That is very boring.

She swung her legs , morbid.


Gala squeaked and grabbed the main trunk as the tree lurched, and swayed side-to-side, releasing some leaves. Gala didn't dare look down for a while, listening to the falling trees all around. When she dared to peep down, she saw that a tree had hit hers and was lodged there, on a branch. Gala reached down feebly, and glared at the ground. Loggers! Tree-fellers! Murderers!

Hey....what is THAT?

She could only glimpse a bit of purple and white, due to the accursed black ground. What great camouflage. She held the tree tighter as the white blurred. She could hear a snatch of something being said, and probably a chainsaw:

Ata pon? Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? Is it like... Atta' boy?..h-URK!

She cartwheeled off the tree as it lurched again and threw her into the air. She just managed to grab her pencil before being launched in this undignified manner.


Gala landed solidly right next to the tree, bouncing a bit and feeling very thankful for the ground, which wasn't as hard as the tree and made of a more organic matter,possibly garden dirt. Her eye was spinning; she could only see dizzying circles. She reached out for the trunk, groping a bit, then stood up slowly, using it as an old man uses his support.She was pretty sure that she was swaying as well.Gala closed her eye, and hugged the thick smooth trunk until she gained her balance, and her sight. She blinked fast; the light was brighter on the floor than up above in the leafy canopy.

The weight of the pencil in her hands grew lighter, and something hurt. Gala looked down at it; her pencil has grown into a holey,black, ridged leaf-bladed sword. Sweet, but why?


Gala looked up, and nearly jumped a foot in the air. Someone else was appeared to be equipped with two uncontrollable revving sawblades, and was coming toward her.

Gala gasped, and tried to be heroic. "What ho!" she squeaked, brandishing her sword.When that didn't work, she tore off through the bushes,squealing ," Nevermind! Nevermind!"

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