The Six of Worlds (a mash of my fav stuff( On Hold....again)

Izalansadi,Gala,Cloudy,Hallgralla,Pinkkit and Deathkit were destined to find each other. But they are so darned different.
Izalansadi is a spoiled dragon princess.

Gala is a hopelessly romantic paint dragon.
Cloudy is a superrare cloud dragon, and has an epic past.
Hallgralla is another cloud dragon,and was missing for 8 years, and is Cloudy's childhood friend.
Pinktail is a strange looking phenomenon of a Warrior kitten.
Deathfang is a shy,but prideful big tom kitten, and is a bit older than Pinktail.

These characters are part of another Prophecy set out for the greater good by the Dragon Creator, Gullyinn, who wishes to control the uncontrollable Rifts or Portals which are appearing at an alarming rate,which has happened only thrice in the past, resulting with a nice mass extinction.

She is trying to send all dragons and humans of draconic-blood back to the legendary starting point, another astral plane with the name of the Unicverse, and this bunch is one of the lot.


19. #.15.#Patapon2-Dahnles(Murphy Tells A Story): 30 LIVES

In another Universal Plane, known as the Unicversal Plane, there was the big bang.

But instead of the sun twirling into existence, out came a dragon- Gullyinn Unicverse. She was the exact idea of a dragon goddess; what she look like depended on the viewer, but she was always green.

The colour of dragons.

Gullyinn was made with celestial powers and feeling- so it was...nobody knows how long, for the dragon queen had no acknowledgement of time.

It was some time before she had a feeling- the feeling of being alone. She wanted someone else to share the burden of actually being alive she made a sister.


Godith was a bundle of determined curiosity and vulnerability. But Gullyinn had to take  a hibernation- Godith was a lot of work to create.

But before she did, Gullyinn had made a ball of rock with no apparent life which had stripes of land and water and she called it Eaert - the better Earth. It was so appealing to the young dragonet that she begged on her knees to get a tutoring for a planet.

Gullyinn did not cave in for fifty millennia. Her bones were tired and her power was used. But finally Godith got her to agree just to shut her up.

The result was Miarese- the worse Mars.

And then Gullyinn slept....and when the dragon queen woke up... she found her sister enveloped in a rule of tyranny over multiple species of creatures which were born from the dust of Miarese. This tragedy forced our Gullyinn into a furious flight, running away from her own sister in the fear that Godith would demand for her Eaert. She fled into the planet.

While she wept, she noticed that the sun was beating down on her so much that she created the atmosphere to protect her and later, us-i mean the dragons- but the heat was still nearly killing her.

The result was a tree,a weeping willow, to shade Gullyinn from the Sun. But it withered and died, so Gullyinn made it rain, but there was too much water now. Then came the grass- but it was so long and scratchy that she made - not dragons as you would think- rabbits to nibble it down. The rabbits multiplied so much that the lands were starting to become desert once more so she created foxes.

Now that the elements were in harmony, Gullyinn was overjoyed  and ran over the solid ground and swam in the seas and where ever she touched, life was made- the fish and coral and flowers and chickens-yum- and when her task was done Gullyinn retired to to her tree, watching her creations play.

But not everything lasts.

Godith found out about her sister's flourishing life and success on Eaert and wanted to take the plant for herself. She flew down to Eaert and demanded to her shocked sister that she hand it over.

And Gullyinn cried.

She cried. She cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and where her tears touched the Eaert dragons sprung forth and ran away chattering.

Only then did Godith see her sister's pain and that relieved her of her evil, but it was too late..her sister had already turned into stone.

The rock was not really rock but a mix of crystals-painite,alexandrite,tanzanite, benitoite,poudrettite,grandidierite, red diamonds, musgravite, jeremejevite (knows as blue glassite to dragons), and red beryl. These are all the rarest minerals on Earth but on Eaert crystals are very common.

Godith also wailed her head off but she could not bring back her sister...but then the dragons collected around and dropped their own tears, one at a time, on the statue- and Gullyinn came to life. She pardoned her sister and brought all the Miarese creatures to Eaert, and made a lair in the Sun. Godith made one on Miarese, in the core and both sisters shared the Moon , seeing it to be more valuable.

"But what does this have to do with them not seeing me?" Dahnles the dragon asked, nevertheless liking the story. Gullyinn kinda sounds like Gala.

Fine.i'll fast forward.

Now a long time later, a king called Jeradaz started to exterminate the dragons for their powerful tears and scales. There are many tales of his reign, but you only want to know how they cannot see you.

A dragon, the last one alive, Marumaka the angel dragon and head of the Council of Dragons, was captured and being driven to insanity. In his cell, he fell into the sleep.

In the last moments, Marumaka could see himself falling into a sea of blackness with a black background, as a pure silver hoopoe with a olive branch in his mouth trapped in a rock of obsidian.

But the chain was not attached to the obsidian- there, darting down the chain was a sliver of silver...Gullyinn. Jeradaz had reduced her to nothing, said Murphy now with a note of clear anger in his voice. Dahnles was starting to feel mad too.

To nothing but a line of quicksilver. She fell down the chain and moulded 
herself to the obsidian rock, stopping Marumaka from falling by a clawlength.

Marumaka woke and he knew what to do. With an amulet on her neck- a bird with a branch in it's beak, outlined against a chunk of black volcanic rock hanging on a chain, connected by silver- he went forth. In a rage, with the power Gullyinn was giving him, he fought to the king's throne room.

His power was wearing off now. Marumaka ran forward,and just as he expected, Jeradaz shot at him.

He fell silent.

"Then what?"


"What now?"

His actual atoms got destructed, releasing the force of a million atomic bomb to Jeradaz and thus eradicating humans from Eaert- 

"Atomic bombs?"

Uffffff...... imagine a ball of fire so dense and trapped in a metal box. You throw it, the fire expands to a million times it size and razes everything while it expands.


And Jeradaz died- nothing could save him.

The remaining dragons got a gift from Gullyinn, who was regaining her power back. She told them that the humans would never find them-

"But there were none anymore."

Just listen! On Eaert the Enterprise dragons and normal ones could not live side by side so Gullyinn first gave them the gift before putting them in a portal to Earth.

She told them that the humans would never be able to see them.They would be  invisible, hidden in another reality and only the humans which had been touched by a dragon's tear could see and they will be benevolent. And she made their eggs exactly like rocks to humans.

And that's why you can now go forth without pain- but you will have to change into Patapon to save Gala. She'll kill you otherwise.

"But why won't she kill Dahnles the Patapon?"

Murphy look him squarely in the eyes, his fur ends glowing as the light shone through them. The cat's eyes were baby-blue, and the dragon wondered if he would be a Babassa if Murphy ever got the chance to be Patapon.

Murphy does look a knight, Dahnles thought.

Murphy sighed. Can you remember anything of the dream?

Dahnles choked on nothing.

Purple is my new favourite colour.


Oh shuddup. I know things.

"No- what has that got to do with......."

Well. She knows the Patapon Dahnles and not the dragon whom she's never seen before.


The ragdoll drew a paw over his head. So will you take us, brave knight?

"I ain't a knight."

You are saving a damsel in distress. Only knights do that.

"She's the goddess! I HAVE to save her! It's not like i have a choice!"

So you don't want to save her?

"YES I DO I'M ONLY SAyingg..." 

Murphy's smirk grew wider. Just shut up and fly, fly,fly...


Shuddup and fly.

The rather obnoxious cat leaped nimbly into his head and Dahnles rose unsteadily into a standing position.

"Uh, i don't think i can fly."

It comes naturally.

So Dahnles started padding forward , then he leapt suddenly into the air and crashed back down again. He skittered, trying to regain his balance. about think of Gala?

"What does she have to do with this?"

You're the one saving her.That idea is the prospect you need to fly.

"Fine then."

So Dahnles thought about yesterday.


Dahnles backed up as the sword swung again. How the hell had he even ended up here?

"Come on, you little rat. Why don't you swing your arms and try and hit me, Stupid Big hands? Go on Stupid Big-URK!"


Dahnles's pupil widened as he heard his female saviour come to the rescue in a rage of queenly fury.

Another black,chalky longsword protruded from the Karmen, and now Dahnles could see Gala standing behind as the enemy melted, and her weapon shivered.

"Only i call him that." She struck it against the ground twice.

"Yes, you darn right do." Dahnles agreed, staring.

Gala's tineas had five tines instead of four and were huge. Two more layers had bee added so they looked a bit like wings, and her crown also had four extra points. The diamond shape at the top were now two diamonds stacked on top of each other and a tail was lashing like a crazy wind vane and her sword was a lot bigger than he remembered. On top of all that Gala's cape had four spikes and six splotches instead of the usual three, and four arms. 

In short, she looked like as if she had turned into a goddess overnight.

She watched him coldly for a moment more, then turned and left, her cape flapping in the wind.


Dahnles went back to his starting point and started to run again, and when he was going to jump his wings shot out and flapped madly, but he shot into the air too fast.


Yes, i know! The poor feline was barely hanging on but wrapping it's arms around his neck and dangling like a fish on a hook. Try to straighten yourself!

"I CAAAN'T!" he screeched as they did a corkscrew towards the sky.


That did it. The purple dragon folded his wings, and he started to turn towards the ground. As he fell (with the oh so helpful Murphy hissing his head off) he opened his wings again and then swooped over the castlegrounds.

"It isn't that bad when i can control myself," he remarked.With the wind flowing past his feather wings Dahnles sailed around the fields like the giant condors of past.

Yes, IF you get control of yourself, grumbled Murphy. Now alight on the tallest tower and turn into a patapon.

"I think that requires gymnastics not exactly applicable to Dah-"

Hey, I can see Gala.

"What? Oh Gullyinn." Dahnles turned sharply to the turret and fluttered his wings in order to land on the rather long sill. 

 On the inside it was much bigger- about 35 feet to the end. It was a blinding white rubber room- and at the foot of the wall across was a dais with a pretty big heap of thick chains... and sitting on them (or rather in them),  without her tiara or her pencil or her anything, looking pretty weak and flopped over the linked iron with her eye closed, was of course the great and powerful Gala.


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