The Six of Worlds (a mash of my fav stuff( On Hold....again)

Izalansadi,Gala,Cloudy,Hallgralla,Pinkkit and Deathkit were destined to find each other. But they are so darned different.
Izalansadi is a spoiled dragon princess.

Gala is a hopelessly romantic paint dragon.
Cloudy is a superrare cloud dragon, and has an epic past.
Hallgralla is another cloud dragon,and was missing for 8 years, and is Cloudy's childhood friend.
Pinktail is a strange looking phenomenon of a Warrior kitten.
Deathfang is a shy,but prideful big tom kitten, and is a bit older than Pinktail.

These characters are part of another Prophecy set out for the greater good by the Dragon Creator, Gullyinn, who wishes to control the uncontrollable Rifts or Portals which are appearing at an alarming rate,which has happened only thrice in the past, resulting with a nice mass extinction.

She is trying to send all dragons and humans of draconic-blood back to the legendary starting point, another astral plane with the name of the Unicverse, and this bunch is one of the lot.


14. #.12.# Patapon2-Gala (Gala Loses It On Poor Hero Then Charms Some Rabbits)

At first this chapter would be really short-around 600 words only- but then i said," No lets be nice." and raised to 1899 words (including this text).


Gala flagged her tail high as she padded easily across the grounds she had become so familiar with the past few days. Her cat form was one of her easier ones.

She had still lost yesterday when she stepped in to help, but the patapons,heartened by the return of their Almighty, immediately endeavoured to do it all over again.If it hadn't been for Meden, who pointed out the it was usually the Almighty who  sent them off on missions, it would have been so. Gala was thankful for the interruption; she was tiiirreedd.

To prove her point,Gala yawned and paused to rub a paw over her face.At once, a sudden, shooting pain like a door being slammed on her tail hit her, and she randomly jumped five feet into the air, did a frontflip,and landed unceremoniously on her back. She hissed.

She got up into a more dignified standing position, and glared at the intruder who had stepped on her sensitive appendage. He was currently busy laughing his head off, but shut up as a pebble plinked off the mask.

"You embleer fox!" Gala's hackles rose and she hissed again."Stupid stinking cockle-crier!"

"You can talk?"

Plink. "hhh! Oh my Gullyinn! A talking moron!"

Gala usually thought back at this moment where she completely lost her cool.

"Oh?You gonna report to Meden? Yeah,no. I know you, MacOrange, and the last thing you would do is go traipsing around and saying, EEEE I FINDS A KITTY! NO. You couldn't lift the boulder without 'breaking the seal'. What the heck is a seal? Are you telling me it was glued to your back? GURK.MY BACK IS KILLING MEEEE.UNHHHHH. SHUT.UP! I was tryyyinng to freaking help and you gave me some ego; 'Is that all you've got'? STUPID! Maybe i should'a let that Dodonga eat you up but i feel bad for the poor dinosaur because you're so FREAKING SPOILED. STUPID. And when you say, there's nothing to attaaaack! I KNOW WHAT THE FREAKING GULLYINN I'M DOING SO SHUT UP. AND STOP TELLING ME TO ATTACK KUWAGATTAN DUDE HE WAS TAUNTING ME ON PURPOSE AND THE LAST THING I COULD STAND IS YOU SAYING,'hurr durr durr don't be a coward.' OKAY I WON'T BE A COWARD GO AHEAD AND DIE YOUR HEAD OFF WHY THE HELL SHOULD LITTLE GALA CARE?"

The cat started pacing back and forth, her tail lashing.

"SERIOUSLY. Where have your brains gone? I need to purchase you a NEW SET. Why did we have to get stuck with you?Why?Why? You freaking Rowsby Woof with no master. Whyyyyyy? Why couldn't we all have Seren instead? You know? The poor Robopon Fumya with the Pokapoka mask?NO? WELL I DO BECAUSE HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO LISTENS AND ALMOST DIES BUT DOESN'T COMPLAIN."

Gala stopped and sat with her tail curled over her paws and her head hanging.She was shaking from that adrenaline rush and closed her eyes and sighed. When she was feeling better, she lifted her head and to see him still standing stock-still.

"Did i just say all that?"

He nodded mutely.

"Oops." said Gala in a rather small voice. "Well it was nice meeting you in person.Goodbye." She fled from the scene to the forest.




And thus Gala's secret was out.


Once again the cat was strolling across the ground at night. She had just went on a hunting mission on Mount Gonrok and found a Motsitsi and was so surprised that she dropped the beat, earning a collective 'Huh?' which scared the bird. But she also noticed that, the whole time, the Hero was rather skittish and silent and kept looking at either the sky or his surroundings. Gala had taken care to stay hidden.

The cheering patapons in the background kind of reminded of her the time she had to babysit both Emerald AND her 3 siblings.By herself. They practically drove her nuts even with Emerald's help, but the one time they laughed innocently at Emerald's re-enaction of her sister's remark about the Turrets in Portal 2 (Emerald: I like the Cores best. Sister: I like the baddies! Emerald: ....which baddies? Sister: The long ones. Emerald:                what.) she forgot why she was mad.

Gala had a rather amusing thought of charming Rappata to come her way and follow like ducklings, then realised that she could try, and headed over to the Obelisk.Ten minutes later, her paws were sinking into the soft snow as more fell from the white sky. Black,dead trees were outlined in the background.

Gala's fur had instinctively grown longer, so now she rather resembled a black-and-white Turkish Angora with a pencil tail and a glossy scarf. Okay. Which song? OH yeah. She headed over to a smooth rock about a foot high and faced the rustling grass which were showing obvious orange ears.They looked rather like Pyokora ears.

The soft sound of piano notes fell behind her, and her pencil tail's orange bits flashed briefly black in response to the song. Cool. I can play piano with my tail.

Come little children,

I'll take thee away,

Into a land

of enchant


Come little children,

the time's come to play,

here in my garden

of sha


As she had predicted, the rabbits were lured a little, sticking their little black heads out of the dry stuff. Gala leapt off the rock- an action which caused some to shy away- and continued the song, walking towards the goal, stepping with the beat.

Follow sweet children,

ill show thee the way,

through all the pain

and the sorr


Weep not,poor children,

for life is this way,

muttering beauty



Hush now my children, it must be this way,

to weary of life

and decep


Rest now my children,

for soon we're away,

into the calm,

and the



The bewitched Rappata came out of the grass. Soon Gala was walking triumphantly along, humming the next part, with a line of orange-and-black rabbits following in a neat single-file line like ducklings waddling after their mother. Look at meeeee! Look at...oh?

Gala backed up as she stepped on something black and rather squashy, which squeaked and  darted away to something a whole lot bigger.



"But all i did was accidentally st-"


"AAAAAAAAA!" Gala turned tail and fled, scattered the rabbits with the freaking piranha on her tail. Her legs couldn't go any faster,yet every time she looked back the thing was right there. What! I didn't kill any of it's stupid babies!

She grunted "Oof" as she bumped hard into someone. She stuttered back and looked up.Dahnles. Oh come on! Of all the patapons....

"Shut up," Gala snapped before he had said anything. "Piranha!"


Gala happened to nervously look back and started. "MOVE!"


"Oh, confound you!" she spat from fear, her fur fluffing up, and took off again. She veered sharply around him as ran as fast as her stupid stumpy cat legs could, but tripped very embarrassingly tripped over her own feet. She picked herself up and kept on going as if nothing had happened; with the same scared face, the same tempo.

Gala started to feel guilty about leaving the helpless Charles behind and looked over her shoulder. She was relieved of the weight when she saw him trying to run after, his huge arms lagging behind, so Gala turned her head back and kept on running into nowhere in particular.

Pretty soon, her limits came into sight, and she stumbled again, slowing down painfully."No,not now," she muttered, and intercepted her sprint with a yawn. With that she lost her balance randomly and fell hard into the still snow.

Maybe i should sleep here. She forgot exactly she was running from the.... what? Why am i running?

Gala yawned again and patted down the snow. She barely had the control of her arms to do that simple action. As her system shut off, she had a notion of being picked up and carried onwards. She turned over and growled feebly.

"Ille' kané," muttered the cat," ee sai asout (Leave me alone, i was fine/alright/okay.)" Her tail lashed weakly and she tried to lift her head. She actually succeeded for a while, but then it flopped down again.

After what was felt to the cat and probably was three hours, Gala had the strength to wake up and nearly fell  off the branch was resting on.Her tail puffed up and she looked down precariously, then twisted onto her feet and relocated drunkenly to a spot where there were less branches. Her vision wasn't clearing no matter how many times she blinked, but she could spy a moving and snarling rather scary dark blur milling at the foot of the tree.

Gala was pretty sure that her eyes were the size of saucers and her heat was thumping painfully-she was the type of person who worries about having a random heart attack and is uncomfortable with hearing their heartbeat. Stop that.


How did i get up a tree?

Gala found that she was a dilemma-no, trilemma. 1- She couldn't get down. 2. She couldn't turn around. 3. She was probably going to be stuck for quite a while. Thus she started to panic and mewed unhappily, whipping her head to either side.

"Hey. Hey,it's okay." said someone else, rather gently, and Elilah the rather disorientated cat felt the sensation of being picked up. Not exactly a motive to be calm; she mewled again.

Gala couldn't see a thing.  Am i going blind?  she thought, distracted. Her paws shook and she mewled again. Put me down!

Gala cat-frowned  was she was cradled. "You're pink."

"What? I am?"

"Yeah." Gala rubbed her face with her paws.

After a long silence;"Gala, are you really the Almighty?"

"Yeah. Are you, Gala?"


"uh....i'm talking to you."

"Huh? Oh yeah."


"Really what?" The cat found she couldn't talk properly.Have i been drugged?The thought didn't appear to worry her too much; she knew it in her bones that she was really tired and had slept for about five seconds. "Why do you buy gold? It's like buying money. Then you sell the money for money."

Dahnles rolled his eye. "What have you been eating?"



"Yeah. Never eaten nothing today, or yesterday, or yesterday yesterday, or the day before that, that, that,that and that and tommorow neither."

"But then how exactly do you survive?"

"Dunno. I'm the Almighty; ask her."

He rolled his eye again.

"Hey, Charles, can i tell you a secreeeeet?"

He stiffened."What?"

Gala lowered her voice to a whisper. "I'm really-really-........stupid."

"You most definitely are not."

"Hey, can you put me over there? I need ta do something."

Dahnles placed her next to him on the branch. Elilah trembled for a bit, then put all of her weight on another twig. It snapped and promptly got stuck in the Pekkora's mouth, keeping it from closing it's jaws. The 'king' of the snowfields gurgled threateningly and backed away, before turning around completely and skittering off.

"I did it!" called Gala triumphantly."I did- oops." She fell of the branch rather like an unbalanced statue, but thudded harmlessly in the powder snow below. Dahnles slid down beside her.

"I did it," she muttered, sticking her head out of the snow, "and learned some things as well."

"Yes you did, cat." he agreed, and scooped Gala out. "Let's go home."

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