School Royalties (🐱M.C.🐱)

Michael Clifford, some say he's a wannabe punk guy. But to me he's not. He's just like me, bad to the bone.

He always gets in trouble,

And he includes me. What is he trying to prove?

Tune in to School Royalties

All Rights Reserved © HybridxClifford


1. Princess?


Sitting in class is like sitting in a fucking hell hole plus I see that trouble maker.

Michael Clifford. That blue haired idiot. He always gets me in trouble everytime. I mean we are in the same level of status in school.

We're royalties.

You see every school year has a Prince and Princess. The council holds an election every year crowning the new Prince and Princess.

I mean it's fucking stupid! What do they even fucking do? All they do is make rules, party and yeah, I'm just in for the party thing.

"Violet Hemmings, Michael Clifford you are needed in the Council Office immedtiately, thank you." What the actual hell? Are they kidding me? Why did I get called with Michael involved?

We both exited the room with no sound and I could feel all these weird stares at us. They must be thinking: "Holy crap why are they together? Are they like a tandem of chaos?" Yeah that's never gonna happen plus we hate each other.

Once we got to the Office and I reached for rhe doorknob and he had to reach for it the same time. Ugh. Why is he being so difficult!

He opened the door and let me in. This is hell.

"You know why we called you in right?" Miranda asked. We shook our heads.

"You're here because, you two have been elected as this year's Prince and Princess."

My eyes widened. Luke will be so mad! Crap! "We can't be crowned as Prince and Princess! We hate each other!"

"Not really" I heard Michael mutter and I kicked his leg under the table.

"I'm sorry but we have all decided. You two are the next School Royalties."

Those fucking words haunt me. How am I going to explain it to Luke?

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