School Royalties (🐱M.C.🐱)

Michael Clifford, some say he's a wannabe punk guy. But to me he's not. He's just like me, bad to the bone.

He always gets in trouble,

And he includes me. What is he trying to prove?

Tune in to School Royalties

All Rights Reserved © HybridxClifford


3. Forgiveness


"It was easy for you!" I screamed at Michael. "Did you think it was easy?! It was fucking hard for me!" He screamed back. "Prove it." I scoffed and he gave me a soft look. No.

"I-it wasn't easy leaving both of you. I never wanted this. You hate me. I had feelings for you back then and it hurt so much when I left you all I did was cry myself to sleep, thinking how stupid I am for letting you go."

He said sadly. My eyes started to water. "You said it yourself! We're not friends with me anymore! Michael! You broke my heart! It pained me. I walked out of your life! Now you're trying to get back in mine? Wow Michael!" I retorted and rolled my eyes.

"I know. I did but that hurt too! Seeing you hurt is like stabbing myself with the knife I made the wound in your heart with." His voice cracking at the end. I can't.


"Would you two stop yelling? I'm right here!" Luke yelled. "I just want us to be friends again. Let the past go! It's all over! Will you please make up? Because I've made my mind. Michael I forgive you." Luke said and I scoffed. "Vi." Luke nudged me. "You might forgive Michael but I need time. I need time okay?" Michael nodded and I walked upstairs and locked myself in my room.

I leaned on the door and slid down, crying because how stupid am I to not forgive him.

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