School Royalties (🐱M.C.🐱)

Michael Clifford, some say he's a wannabe punk guy. But to me he's not. He's just like me, bad to the bone.

He always gets in trouble,

And he includes me. What is he trying to prove?

Tune in to School Royalties

All Rights Reserved © HybridxClifford


2. Explaining


I had to tell Luke sooner or later so I decided to talk to him today.

"Hey Luke!"

"You caused trouble again didn't you?" He asked. "No! It's not that this time!" I defended. Sometimes he can be a real ass.

"What is it then?"

"I got elected to be School Princess and Michael is my partner." I said quickly. He gave me a harsh look.

"There was nothing I could do! They dismissed me before I can even explain the situation!" I yelled.

"That's not the point! You can't be with Michael!"

"I'm not asking to be with Michael! All I'm saying is that I only wanted to explain it to you because I know you're not comfortable with this whole fucking situation!" I retort.

Sometimes I hate being Luke's sister. But the love part is always greater than the hate. "I'm sorry Vi," Luke pulled me into a hug. I miss this so much. Ever since dad left us Luke has been distant and I am feeling he's disowning me as a sister.

"I'm sorry if I wasn't there when you were having a bad time. I'm sorry for practically ignoring you for a whole year and I'm sorry for being a total dick to you." His voice softened.

"It's okay Luke. I understand. I was hurt to when dad left. He's the reason why you're like this."

"Please Vi, don't blame this on dad." He pleaded.

"I'm not." I sighed.

"Why did you get paired with Michael?" He asked and sat on his bed and I followed him. I faced him. "I don't know..." Flashbacks of when we were younger came flooding in.

"Vi!" Mikey ran to me. "What?" I asked him his face showed pure happiness. "You'll never guess what I got from dad!" He tried to hold in his squeak. "Another Xbox?"

"Well yeah but it came with something else!" He said. "A stuffed TMNT plushie?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

"No a guitar silly! I got my first ever guitar! Then we could play songs together!" He said excitedly. I squealed. "Yay! For real!?"

"Yeah for real! Duh!"

I'm not gonna lie, I miss the old naive michael. He's so damn stupid and me, Luke and him were like stuck together. We were inseparable. We also named ourselves 'The Three Guitar Masters' and we also tried to start a band which never worked out.

"Vi, Luke..." Michael frowned. "Do you really have to go?" I cried. They both gave me a hug. "I'll be coming back. I will come back for you guys. I won't let the Three Guitar Masters break." He smirked. I giggled. "Promise?"

"Promise." He hugged us all. "I'm gonna miss you guys a lot." He weakly laughed.

Back then that was the hardest part ever. Letting him go. I'm going to confess I've had feelings for him back then but when he returned it all went down the drain.

"Mikey!" I called out from the hallways of the school. He wasn't acknowledging me. Ouch. That hurt.

Once I finally reached him he wasn't the same old Michael I knew. He changed. His hair was now chocolate brown his eyes were a darker shade of green and he had grown taller.

"Michael?" He kept ignoring me. No why would he ignore me? I've waited for him for 3 years and this is what I fucking get? "Answer me!"

I pulled his shirt and he faced me. "I'm sorry but we're not friends anymore Violet." He had tears streaming down his face. "Why?! Tell me why? Please! I've waited for you to come back for 3 years and you come back to Sydney saying we're not friends anymore?" I cried. He hurt me and it's going to backfire at his face.

"So be it. We're not friends anymore, I won't talk to you, I'll walk out of your life forever. Goodbye Michael." I wiped my tears and kissed his cheek. I started to walk away. Then I ran, ran away from the guy who I called best friend.

"I can't believe Michael left us like that..."

"It's not as easy as it sounded." We averted our heads to our doorway. There stood Michael.


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