School Royalties (🐱M.C.🐱)

Michael Clifford, some say he's a wannabe punk guy. But to me he's not. He's just like me, bad to the bone.

He always gets in trouble,

And he includes me. What is he trying to prove?

Tune in to School Royalties

All Rights Reserved © HybridxClifford


4. Burglars?


I woke up with yelling downstairs. It's fuckin 12 am. Who the fuck would be yelling at 12 am!? I grabbed my phone and an umbrella. It's not useful but at least I can poke whoever it is down there.

I silently walked to Luke's room realizing that it was empty... Maybe he was the one yelling? But the person didn't sound like Luke.

I held my phone and umbrella tightly. "Speak up boy, where's the girl?" My eyes widened. I saw the scene. Luke was tied up, with Michael!? I thought he was...

Oh right. I passed out. "Tell me or your friend gets hurt!" The man shouted. I was breathing heavily. Goddamnit what the hell do you do? Don't just stand there!

You are a black belt in Taekwondo use it!

I thought of ideas how to distract them. "Luke tell him!" I heard Michael's muffled voice. "No I won't! I won't tell them where my sister is you ass!" Luke spat.

"Playing hard to get eh?" The man laughed evilly.


Shit shit shit! What happens if I tell them where Vi is? Who the hell knows what will happen!

What if they kidnap her? Kill her? Or worse...

I just fucking made up with her! Now they're taking her away! What the fuck!

Michael kept nudging me. "What?" I whispered. He was looking directly at the mirror beside the flower vase. I could see Violet holding her phone and an umbrella. No no! She can't be seen!

I squirmed and tried to get out of the rope they tied us in but it was no use. Then I heard a crash in the kitchen. Fuck fuck!

"Hey! She's in here!" The guy who was watching us exited the room.

"Michael! What are we gonna do?!" I asked. "Hey!" Michael yelled. "Hey! You!" He yelled again this time the guy came back.

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