Prank Calls : CTH

Paige is hanging out with some friends on a Friday night. It's 11pm, the best time for prank calls. They type in random numbers, thinking nobody will know it's them, until one number calls them back...... How did they get their number?


3. Shopping

Taylah's P.O.V:

The sleepover has been going for about 3 hours now and it's been so fun! 

We've had the music playing as high as possible but we've almost eaten all the food. Sharni and I are going to the store soon to get some more since we don't want to starve everyone!

"C'mon Sharni! We better go now!" I tell Sharni.

"Catch ya soon guys," we say walking out the door.


"What should we get?" I ask Sharni.

"How about we get some lollies first?" She answers.

We walk over to the lollies and start to look at them all.

"So many to chose from," Sharni says as a groups of guys walk past.

I giggle when I realise that she is referring to the boys, not the lollies. 

"OMG Tay, total hottie at 3 o'clock," Sharni whispers to me as we picked out some lollies.

I turn around and see the most muscular man I've seen.

A/N Shortest chapter ever but they will get bigger and hopefully better.

Luv yous,

Taylah xx

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