HELP HELP ME I need help someone please I hear as the voice starts to slowly fade away and I know I have to find her fast..


3. waking up

I finally made it back to my body and woke up but I know we stop because I heard the door slam and foot steps. I don't know why but I didn't feel scared I was kind of excited to see what was going to happen or who it was going to be when they opened the trunk call me a psychopath or something but I'm just interested in things like this. My heart started to beat faster from the thriller because I could hear them getting closer to the car but it seemed for them to take longer that it should have to get from the front door to the trunk. I finally heard the trunk Pop and it opened but what I saw I didn't understand I was so confused of why this person of all people kidnapped me and took me to some remote location. I had a feeling that this shock was going to last forever and that relationship was going to be permanently damaged because I realized it was my best friend Luke Hemmings I could tell it was him bye his quiff and his giraffe like tallness but I still didn't get it. Hello Gabriella he said. His voice sent a tingle down my spine his voice was different from what it has always been this one was deep and raspy it was hot but kind of scary.


Luke- shut up you deserve what's coming for you later.

Gabriella- but but I thought we were friends

Luke- apparently you thought wrong I was playing you this entire time gaining your trust like my boss wanted me to.

Gabriella- why me why does your boss want me?!?!

Luke- because he knows you like living life on the edge and so he wants to see if you can make it out alive.

Gabriella-.... But Luke I loved you.. But I guess you didn't really feel the same way.

Luke- you're right now let's go we need to get you inside.

* he yanked me out of the trunk with a force I never thought he had

OWW CAN YOU BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME! He never answered me he just kept his head down and his grip on my arm tighter than ever I knew it was going to leave a bruise but the thing that struck me the most was that he was taking me to the old mental institution on the outside of town I recognized it because I went there when I was younger its abandoned now and creepier than ever there's legends that there are ghost wondering the halls to get them out and help them find there way.

Luke- I brought her

The boss- so you did

He slowly turned around because he was facing the window and that was when I realized that it was my boyfriend Michael Clifford.

2nd official chapter idk if it makes since just comment for me to change it if you don't like it I just want to make this a good book so please comment like and fan☺️ -xoxo slaying_clifford✌🏻

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