HELP HELP ME I need help someone please I hear as the voice starts to slowly fade away and I know I have to find her fast..


4. room

After the run in with my ex-best friend and my ex-boyfriend they chloroformed me and I woke up in a strange room it look like a jail sell or a dungeon it didn't really give me the comfy feeling of a coffin. No I'm just messin but this place freaks me out. Then on the intercom Michael spoke: your first challenge is to find the key and get out of this room.: THIS IS A SICK GAME YOU'RE PLAYING I yelled to him he gave off a scary laugh and said ok.

It was the bathroom everything came flooding back to me

*5 years ago*

You've been the worst patient we have ever had here Gabriella I can't wait until I can quit and watch you rot in here and the. He slapped me. I fell hard to the floor I was in tears now and he let out a horrifying laugh I was very scared. He could tell and I knew he could he started walking towards me and I kept pushing myself back. Now gabby don't do that he said DONT CALL ME THAT I yelled back he kneeled down and started stroking my cheek I slapped his hand away now you don't want to make me mad now gabby do you I SAID DONT CALL ME THAT! I don't care you are not the boss of me you insane freak he yelled and then he hit me again and I smacked my head against the side of the toilet.

* end of flash back *

How the hell am I going to get out of here? I asked myself I didn't know what to do but the first thing that came to mind was to check the back of the toilet like they always hid things in the movies. I made my way to the toilet and lifted the top of it off and sitting there was a tape recorder. It said: you may have found this but I can assure you you won't find the key. His voice sent chills down my spine. But it was true I had no clue where the key could possibly be.

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