5 Seconds Of Babysitting

Meet Katrina Alison.

She's not just any normal teen girl. She was abandoned by her parents on the day she was born and was taken in my a society's that trains young potential spys.

Now, at the age of 18, she is the most famous student around. But most time, people take her for granted.

For instants, she's now being shipped off to Sydney for 1 year because; she has to babysit a band.

Correction, a band who is being targeted by a crazy fan. But nothing abnormal there.


1. How it all began

Katrina POV

"Take a seat, Kat." Marcus, the head of the compound, said as I silently take my seat opposite from him. It was a rare opportunity to sit in this office. It's either you messed up badly or you're going on a mission.

And I think I'm a bit of both.

"So! I have mission for you." He said as he pulled a yellow file on it, looking into a icy blue and grey eyes with his brown (almost black) eyes as he flipped the file open. "You are being sent to Sydney, Australia, where you will be following a group of boys on tour around the world." He said I looked down at the file, glancing at the picture of the boys for a moment before looking back up again. "You mean 5 Seconds of Summer? Why do thy need me?" I asked and he sighed.

"They are being targeted by a crazy fan." He said and typed something into his computer, before rotating the screen around so I could see the footage. "Here's the video they sent. It was from the fan."

I watched the screen closely and saw a female fan with too much make up on and slutty clothes came into view. She went on and on about how much she wishes she can bang the boys and with each passing second, I felt like I was about to throw up. Then she talked about how the five of them were meant to be, because she believed you can marry four people as husbands at once. "What...?" I trailed off as she began to say she will capture them and make them marry her.

"You will love me!" She exclaimed before laughing like a mad person and the video ended. "That was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen." I said and gagged as Maru smirked. "I knew you will say that. So what do you think? Will you accept the job?" He asked but I knew the answer already.

"I don't think I have a choice, do I?"


Luke POV

"So, where are we heading to?" I asked Simon for the 100th time because he practically shoved us into the car and drove us away. Not the best impression on us, is it?

"Be quite, Luke. You'll see." He said before we pulled up in front of a dark looking cafe. "C'mon, boys, we're here." He said and got out, waiting for a at the door as we piled out and entered the cafe.

The smell of freshly brew coffee beans and freshly baked goods entered my nose as I took a deep breath, smiling. "This place smells really good." Mikey commented as a waitress walked over with a knowing smile. "Mr. Cowell, you're friends are here." She said nicely and brought us to the back where there we a bunch of unoccupied booths.

But one was though.

A middle aged man (maybe 30 years old) was sitting there patiently, his fingers laced in front of him. He was wearing all black; leather sleeveless top, leather jeans and combat boots. His arms were heavily tattooed and he had piercings lining his right eyebrow.

The other person was a girl. She was probably 18; brown hair with red streaks in it, a black Black Veil Brides shirt, black leather jacket and a pair of black ripped jeans with combat boots . She wasn't paying attention to us, her eyes were on a yellow file. Seems more interesting then talking to the man.

"Mr. Cowell." The man said with a smile and a nod and the girl just glanced up before flipping another page. "Hello Marcus, is this Katrina?" Simon said and we pilled into the seat opposite from the duo. "Yes, this is Kat. The best of the best." The man, Marcus, said and the girl finally looked up. Once I met her eyes, I felt fear piercing into me as her icy blue - greyish eyes as I immediately looked away. It felt like she was looking into my soul.

"Nice meeting you guys." She said with a small smile as she placed the yellow folder on the table, looking over at us. "My name is Kat and I will be you, ah, babysitter for the whole year." She said carefully, like she was trying not to say something offensive or anything.

All I know is that this is going to be an eventful year.

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