Blue Rose (Twilight Fanfic)

*My first story* Rose swan sister of Bella swan.she is not exactly normal but try's to forget about it now they are moving to forks with their dad charlie what happens when they both fall for a pair of Cullens.


1. Rose Swan




Full name:Rose Marie Swan


Species:Human (for now)


Crush/Mate:Jasper Hale


Friends:The Cullens,The Pack


Best Girlfriend:Rosalie Cullen


Best Guy Friend:Paul Lahote


History:When her and bella were 8 there was a fire her and Bella trapped inside but rose got bella out but the floor collapsed and she was stuck inside for 17 minuets till they rescued her.later on she developed lung desease and has 2 years to live.


Bio: Hi i'm rose swan sister of Bella swan i am 17 years old with lung cancer but i don't let that get me and Bella are going back to forks to live with our dad Charlie.i have 2 years left to live and i am gonna live it up till i die.the doctors said they done all they can to help but no hope so all i have to do is wait for death to take me......well i have to go airport time BYE!!!!.






Birthday:October 31 1995



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