The Hunters😇😈

Hi I'm Lucy Winchester. I have two brothers Sam and Dean. We are hunters but what we hunt are monsters. After we stopped the apocalypse. My brothers thought it would be better if I lived with some retired hunters in Australia because angels and demons wanted to kill me. So now I'm and living with my best friend Lola Scott and her parents who were hunters.


5. what the hell are you doing here

Lucy's pov:


     i couldn't do it. I let go of luke and ran. I kept running until my legs gave out. when I looked up I saw that I was in the forest. great just great now I'm lost and all I have is salt. I heard footsteps and I hid. I saw the black-eyed female. crap crap crap craaaaaaaaaaap. "Lucy?" the girl said. "Lucy it's me Meg come on I'm not gonna hurt you I'm here to protect you just come out." I didn't know if I could trust Meg she had her ups and downs. I grabbed the salt and walked up to meg. "what meg?" she smirked and said, " ha you fell for it" she reached for me and I threw the salt. she screamed in pain.I ran as fast as I could and smashed into Calum. "WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed at Calum. he didn't say anything he just picked me up and carried me over his shoulder and back to the school parking lot.


I saw a black impala and knew who was in brothers. Calum set me down and Lola and the rest of the guys were by the school doors. Lola screamed "WHERE WERE YOU!!!! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN.....YA KNOW KILLED!!!!!!" the boys looked so confused. "I saw Meg" I mumbled. she groaned. sam and dean  stepped out of their car. crap. Dean said, "please tell me you had a gun and salt bullets with you." "No," I said very quietly. Sam said very loudly, "Seriously Lucy what did we tell you! you have to be more careful!" I looked down. Calum rubbed my back, he said,"it's ok Luce its ok." soon after I felt his lips pressed to the back of my head. I couldn't help it a small smile formed on my lips. I saw Luke's face drop...he looked so sad. I look over at Lola and see Mike wrap his arms around her waist from behind and rest his chin on her shoulder. They looked happy..........i wish my life was like that...but its not, why is my life so messed up. I hate it so much. I pulled away from alum and just stood there saying nothing and feeling nothing. 



oh my gosh guys i'm so so so sorry I haven't been updating i'm bad about that. sorry this is so short i just thought you guys would rather have a little chapter rather than no chapter. school and karate have been so much lately that i have been forgetting to write but i have written a bit of a new Fan Fic in a diary tell me if you guys want me to write it. oh and one other thing fir a class that i'm taking we have to write a novel and me being a 5sos fan i HAVE TO put one of the boys in there so its going to be Ash Fan Fic so when i start writing that ill put it on here if you guys want, Thank you so much for reading my fan fic i have like 9 other ones if you want to read them personally i don't think my stories are that great but you guys seamto love them so ill try to update as much as i can and if you want an update just comment and ill try to get one out as fast as i can. Sorry fir going on a rant hehe love yall.

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