The Hunters😇😈

Hi I'm Lucy Winchester. I have two brothers Sam and Dean. We are hunters but what we hunt are monsters. After we stopped the apocalypse. My brothers thought it would be better if I lived with some retired hunters in Australia because angels and demons wanted to kill me. So now I'm and living with my best friend Lola Scott and her parents who were hunters.


3. nice ink

Lucy's pov:

We all ran upstairs and put on our swim suits I was wearing a black push up bikini. I put a tee shirt over it so you couldn't see my torso. I grabbed my white sunglasses and ran down the stairs. I walked to the pool and Calum was pushing Luke in. Mikey and Ash were laughing their a$$' off. I sat down next to Lola who was wearing a blood red bikini. It showed off her anti-possession tattoo that was on her ribs. Nobody knew about my tattoos well Lola knew about one but I now have 3 more. My anti-possession tat is on my left ribs and is covered by my bikini. My tat that says 'Stay strong my baby girl I love you. - Mary Winchester' it was the last words my mom said to me and it was right below my anti-possession tat so it was just below my bikini. I had one on each wrist also. I'm my left was D.W. And on my right was S.W. My brothers initials. I took of my bracelets so my two wrist tats showed. I took of my tee shirt that my other one. And you could see the anti-possession on the the shear fabric on the sides of the bikini. It took awhile but Michael noticed my moms tat and said "what is that." I explained all of them by lied about the anti-possession on I said "and this on is a thing me and Lola found and we thought it looked cool. They all seemed to believe he lie except Calum. He did not look convinced. I looked at Lola and whispered "I don't think Calum believes me." And she said "he knows everything." "Everything everything?" "Yeah everything I'll tell you later.""ok" Mikey looked at my tattoos closer and said "nice ink." I had a devilish smile on my face he was right on the edge of the pool. I pushed him in but next thing I know Luke is picking me up and jumping in to the pool with me. We both surfaced and I light my punched his arm and said "what the hell was that for, jerk." He said " you pushed Mikey in." "I don't push you in I pushed Mikey in." " yeah but bros before hoes." I stuck my tongue out at him and sashed him. That on splash turned in to and full on water gun war. The teams were Lola, Calum, me and Luke, Mikey, and Ash. I ran to the other side of the house and bumped in to Luke. H caught me before I did a face plant. I looked up at him and next thing I know his lip are on mine. I kissed back immediately. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We pulled away and he looked me in the eye and said "I really like you." I sailed and said "I like you too."

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