The Hunters😇😈

Hi I'm Lucy Winchester. I have two brothers Sam and Dean. We are hunters but what we hunt are monsters. After we stopped the apocalypse. My brothers thought it would be better if I lived with some retired hunters in Australia because angels and demons wanted to kill me. So now I'm and living with my best friend Lola Scott and her parents who were hunters.


2. laser tag🔫

Lucy's pov:

We were all sitting on he couch my legs were on Luke's lap. My phone started to ring so I answered it it was Mira(Lola's mom)

M-Mira L-Lucy

L- hello

M- Lucy hi I just wanted to tell you me and Matt will be gone for another month.

L- oh ok.

M- can I talk to Lola for a second.

L-yeah sure

I said "Lola you mom wants to talk to you.

Lola's pov

I grabbed the phone.

M-Mira L-Lola

L- hi mum

M- hey Hun me and you dad will be gone for another month so don't have anyone over except the boys ok and NO partys and keep Lucy safe I don't want Sam and dean on my a$$.

L- ok mom I love you see you in a month.

M- love you to bye.

I handed the phone to Lucy.

Lucy's pov:

I put my phone in my pocket and said " ok we have the house to our selfs for a month lets go crazy." Then Mikey said "let's have a party." Me and Lola screamed "NO." Then I said " I didn't mean a party I meant a month long sleepover duh." Then the boys said " Cool." Then I said " let's go do something." Then Calum said " let's play laser tag." We all agreed and piled in to Lola's car. I was sitting on Luke's lap agin😍. We pulled up to the place and got out. I said "guys vs girls." Then Luke said " that won't be fair there is two of you and four of us." Then I said "I don't care." We all walked in to the place. Me and Lola split up and attacked for the side. We got all four boys. A few minutes later we won by A LOT. We all walked out of the arcade and Calum said "Damn how did you guys do that." I said "we're just awesome." Ha no we grew up killing things like vampires and demons you guys were easy. Lola said " want to go back to my place and swim?" We all said yes.

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