The Hunters😇😈

Hi I'm Lucy Winchester. I have two brothers Sam and Dean. We are hunters but what we hunt are monsters. After we stopped the apocalypse. My brothers thought it would be better if I lived with some retired hunters in Australia because angels and demons wanted to kill me. So now I'm and living with my best friend Lola Scott and her parents who were hunters.


1. fitting in is hard

Lucy's pov:

I walk up to my best friend Lola's house. I knock on the door and it opens reveling and very happy Lola. I walked in and hugged her. I said "Hey." She didn't say anything she just dragged me up stairs and pulled me in to my room and said "This is yours." I looked around the walls were black the bed frame was red the sheets were gray and there were posters of my favourite bands everywhere and a guitar rack with two electric guitars and on acoustic and a huge amp. I hugged her and said "Thank you thank you thank you!!" She said "it's getting late we have to go to hell- i mean school in the morning." I said "ugh ok night." She walked out of my room and I put my suite cases down on the floor I'll unpack them later. I changed in to a over sized nirvana shirt and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning put on some shorts and went down stairs. I saw Jason, Lola's jock older brother. I sat down and grabbed a apple. He looked at me and said "hey." And looked me up and down. I just got up and walked into my room. I grabbed some clothes and a towel and took a shower. When I got out I put on a green day crop top some high wasted black shorts and my black and maroon doc martens. I put my pink hair up in a pony tale and lightly applied makeup. I put my favourite band bracelets on and walked down stairs. Lola was almost wearing the same thing except she had a nirvana crop to on. We both laughed. I just remembered that I forgot my hunter bracelet upstairs I ran and got it. It was sliver and had crosses on it. I grabbed my backpack which had the most important stuff my school crap, holy water, holy oil, salt, a wooden stake, and Dead mans blood. I ran down stairs and past Jason and hopped into Lola's car. She pulled out of the driveway and drove to the school. We walked up to the office and I got my schedule and locker# and combination. I handed Lola my schedule and she said "great you have all of your classes before lunch with me and after you have classes with the guys." I said " who are 'the guys'?" She said " you will find out." We were walking until and girl who resembled barbie stood I front of us she said "well well well like the purple haired freak has a twin." She turned towards me and said " listen up I run this school. You piss me off and You will need stitches got it." I said "ha I won't need stitches but you on the other hand will look like road kill if you touch me." Then she said "don't make promises you can't keep." I said " you need to practice what you preach." She said "what?" I said " don't make promises that you can keep." She went to slap me and I grabbed her wrist and pushed on a pressure point. She let out a yelp and she snatched her hand back and stomped off. I just smiled and walked off. When we walked down the hallway people parted like we were popular. *skip to lunch* I grabbed my tray for food and followed Lola to a table. Right then four guys came running up to our table three of them sat across from us and one of the sat beside me. The blond one with the lip ring said "is the is chick." The dude with the purple hair said "yeah it's her." And the Asian on said "dude she's hot." Then the curly headed one said "yeah I told you that." Then Lola said " Lucy this is Luke" pointing to the blonde boy." Michael" pointing to the purple haired boy." Calum" pointing to the Asian boy. "And Ashton. Guys this is Lucy my best friend from America." Then Calum said "by the way I'm not Asian." Ok I was wrong. We talked and I found out a lot about them they were really cool. They all liked the same things me and Lola liked. I told them about my self and my life leaving out the part about killing monsters and angels wanting my head in a stick. But there was something about Luke he was just so.... Amazing. *skip till the end of school* I walk out of school with Lola. We walked up to her car and the boys were standing by it. We all got in Lola's car. Lola was driving, Mikey was in the passenger seat, I was in the back sitting on Luke's lap, Calum was in the middle and on the left was Ashton. Luke's arms were wrapped around me and my head was against his chest. I know I just met him but I never let my self feel this way before because my dad being a hunter I was never in one place for very long but I know I'm going to be here for awhile.

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