The Hunters😇😈

Hi I'm Lucy Winchester. I have two brothers Sam and Dean. We are hunters but what we hunt are monsters. After we stopped the apocalypse. My brothers thought it would be better if I lived with some retired hunters in Australia because angels and demons wanted to kill me. So now I'm and living with my best friend Lola Scott and her parents who were hunters.


4. Bobby😐🔫

Lucy pov:

After the kiss Luke walked away. We all went in to the living room and watched The Avengers. The rest of the night Luke did not make eye contact with me. I hated it I felt so horrible. What if he realised he did like me after the kiss😔What if he was lying when he said he liked me😢what if this is some sick joke😭. I was about to break down in tears so I just got up off the couch and went to my room. I locked the door. I put on an oversized Green Day shirt and my over the knee socks. I plugged in my earphones and put on my favourite play list on shuffle. The first song was I miss you by blink 182. I cried my self to sleep. I woke up to the covers being ripped off of me. What the hell? I said "How did you get I. Her I locked the door. I didn't look at the person I was about to murder. Then I heard Calum say " Get your grumpy ass out of bed. NOW!!" I turned around and hit him with the pillow. I tackled him to the ground and I was sitting on him with my legs on each side of him. I started to tickle him and said " Your lucky I didn't punch you. NEVER WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT AGIN!!" He nodded his head and I got of of him. Calum then said "Um Lucy you don't have any pants on. I pushed him out of the door. I jumped in the shower. I got out and brushed my hair and put it in a messy wet bun. I grabbed my skin tight black jeans, black nirvana muscle tee, pink bandu. I out on my underwear in then the rest of my outfit. I put on very light makeup on. I grabbed my bracelets and put them on. I put in my maroon doc martins and put them on. I looked at me self in the mirror and walked down stairs. I bumped into Luke. Great, I felt my eyes start to water. I pushed past him and into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart. I grabbed my skateboard and. My backpack. I was about to leave when Michael said "Where are you going?" I said " I'm going to school I want some alone time." I walked out of he door and jumped in my bored and went to school. I got there and Lola pulled up in her car. I walked up to her and avoided Luke. We walked to class. Before class started I got a phone call from an unknown number. I walked out side of the school and answered it. Phone call L=Lucy U=Unknown

L- hello

U- hi is this Lucy Winchester

L- yes

U- this is Boston hospital. We are sorry to inform you but your uncle bobby was shot and he did not make it.

L- w-what no he can be d-d-dead. NO!!

U- I'm sorry for your loss mam.

He hung up. I pressed my back against the wall and slid down. I started to cry. My life sucks why am I still here. It started to rain. "Oh just my freaking luck. AHHHH!!!!!" I just sat there until I felt someone hug me I pulled away to see Luke. I wrapped my arms around him and cried into his chest. He picked me up and walked me into the school. He said "Lucy what's wrong ?" I said "M-my uncle B-Bobby died" I broke down even more. Luke hugged me and kissed my head saying "it will be ok you will be ok." I said "no it won't he was more of a father to me that my dad ever was and now I only have my brothers who I probably can't ever see agin." I was a mess.

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