Jane The Killer's Secret

Sometimes Death Isn't The Answer



Hey guys! It's EscapeFromReality1584, and I'm just going to tell the characters!

Jane Choker👇: light brown hair, wears beanies, has snake bites, and wears band tees, flannel, toms, and skinny jeans

Is Jane the Killer, hates Jeff Catcher, is bullied by Jeff and entourage, loves pizza, music, rock bands, etc; hates silence, staying still, and bullies

Jeff Catcher: light brown hair, wears beanies, has spider bites and wears band tees, converse, and skinny jeans

Is Jeff the Killer, has small crush on Jane, entourage and him bully her, loves pizza, rock bands etc; hates silence, moving around too much, and violence.

So those are the two main characters, and I hope you like the story which will be coming soon!!


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