Jane The Killer's Secret

Sometimes Death Isn't The Answer


2. chapter one

My secret.

Jane's POV

Everyone has a secret.

Even me.

My life evolves around finding one person.

His name is Jeff. Jeff The Killer.

I hate how people think I go and help Jeff kill everyone. It's not true. I try to prevent his victims from dying.

Enough of my stupid thoughts. Time for... The Hunt.

I walk from the woods, and watch the full moon glitter on the dark windows of the town square. I smile, and hold my knife tightly.

I see a white hoodie slither through the dark alleyways, and the cut holes through my mask make me see strangely clearer. I walk silently through the streets, the occasional car passing through the highway that circle the town.

I break into a house that I saw the white hoodie glance at. I wake the child up, and quickly place my finger to my mouth and she nods.

"I'm not going to hurt you, just want to tell you something. Don't go to sleep, you'll never wake up." I whisper, and he nods, and I climb out the window.

I quickly look around, the feeling of someone watching me growing stronger by the second. I look behind me, and see nothing.

I look back in front of me, only to collide with a bloody, white hoodie, causing a faint blood stain to show on my black dress.

I look up, to see the only person that I've been hunting.

The only person that caused me pain



The masked murderer that I've wanted to kill looks at my mask. He doesn't know my real face.

He smirks, and opens his mouth, only for his face to light up with blue and red.

Police sirens.

I quickly take off my black heals, and run after him.

Great, he went for the woods!

I enter the woods, my black curls flying behind me, showing the clear straps of my mask.

For at least six years, I have been wearing the mask. Ever since Jeff first gave me the mask in the package I received, along with my knife and dress, that night I've never taken off since.

I get out of my thoughts and focus on the familiar trail. My bare feet are sore from the pebbles and sticks.

I keep my keen eyes focused on the bloody white sweatshirt swiftly moving through the dark, damp woods.

I continue running, and see a light appearing over the horizon.

Morning. Great! (Note sarcasm)

I see a silhouette of a cabin appear with lights on. Jeff runs in, and I appear shortly after.

Let's see how this goes.

Jeff's POV

I walk out of me and Liu's house, and walk out of the woods. I know Jane's after me, and I don't care. She'll never find Liu and I's house.

Even though she lives in the same woods as me.

I shake out of my thoughts, and grip my knife, hiding it in my sleeve, and walk towards the house I had in mind to murder the child.

I've never felt bad for any person I have killed. The only time i ever felt bad was..... To be honest, I've never felt bad. I've felt good hurting people and ruining their lives. Ever since I've broken Randy's wrist. And Troy and Keith.

I walk up to the window that leads to the twins bedroom. I pick the lock and slither into the silent room. My knife gleams at the night light near the door.

I slide towards the bed on the left side, and stroke his cheek. He slowly wakes, and I smile my smile, and trace his replica smile with the back of my knife.

The boy opens his mouth, only to have it clamped shut by my hand. My black hair falls in my face as I continue smiling, and mentally laugh as I see the horror glint in his eyes. I decide to let him dye quick but painful.

I first dig my knife into stomach, and hear his muffled scream.

Music to my ears!

I then let him have pain for a while, and quickly slit his neck. I carve a smile into his young face, and move to the little girl on the other side.

Again I do the same to the girl. I then cover my hand with their blood, and write my famous saying that rings through everyone's mind who has heard of me.

"Go to sleep!" I whisper, then smile and leave the room.

I start walking down the empty streets, towards the woods, and bang into a girl.

Three kills in one night? Score!

I look at her, and smile maliciously. My smile then quickly fades as I see the one person that I've dreaded to see for six years.

Jane. Jane the Killer.

She looks up at me with the mask I gave her, the white skin fitting perfectly. I see the knife gleam with the flickering street lamps.

I've heard the rumors about her, and I've got to say, they were pretty mean. She tried to help me, and I reward her with what I did to myself. Only worse.

I open my mouth to say something, then jerk my head to see at least ten police cruisers coming my way.

I break into a run and head for the forest, only to hear the sound of high heels clicking on the pavement. I pick up my speed, and see the silhouette of my cabin I share with Liu appearing in my line of vision.

I quickly turn, to see Jane running after me. I turn back, to finally see I've reached the driveway, holding two Black and red Harley Davidson motorcycles.

I run into the house, locking the door and see Liu passed out on the worn couch, the news on.

Pictures of me running and talking to Jane appear, as the news reporter talks on and on about sightings of me.

I felt like I was safe in my home....

Until I hear a knock on the door.


A/n: hey guys, so I FINALLY uploaded a chapter *cheers*. I've been putting this off for a while (I don't even know why I do these, it's not like anyone cares!) and I finally got a round to doing it. Yay!!! So that's all, , BYE Y'ALL

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