Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


9. 9

Alex's pov

"Alex the boys will be sleeping over tonight" michael said as he jumped in my bed next to me

"And you're telling me this because?"

"Because... Because i want to?" I laughed and playfully punched his arm.

"Okay well i'll be in the game room" I smiled at Michael before throwing the covers off of me and getting up.

"Uhm, Alex?" I turned around to be faced with a blushing Michael

"You don't have pants on" He stated as he tried looking in my eyes

"I know" I laughed and ran to the game room and closing the door

Good job Alex, you actually pulled off being super embarrassed.

 I sight and made my way to the TV. I looked through the games and finally chose Crisis (If you never played, you should. Or we can't be friends)

I turned the Xbox on and put the game in.


"Ow come on bro! The other guys were just in front of you!  Don't run to them!" I yelled into the microphone as I heard the other guy laughing

"I thought it would work out!" He argued and I laughed

"Well it obviously didn't cause we lost" I sight leaning back onto the couch

"Sorry... Hey what's your name?" He asked

"Uh.... Alex... You?"

"Tyson. Nice to meet you. So same time tomorrow?" He asked and I looked at the clock above the door

"Yea sure. Talk to you at 9 tomorrow, Tyson" I said

"Bye Alex." With that, I turned my microphone off and shut the system off too.

"Well that was intense" Luke said as he plopped himself down ont the couch beside me

"I agree" We laughed and he engulfed me in a big hug

"Uhm... Hi?" I giggled and he laughed

"You're cuddly" He mumbled into my hair

"And you're a cuddle addict" He pulled away and scoffed

"Bitch you're not gonna get any of my cuddles anymore" He said crossing his ars over his chest and I shrugged

"Whatever, Calum and Ashton are great cuddlers" I smirked standing up and running downstairs where the boys were all eating pizza

"Alex i'm sorry!" We heard Luke screaming as he stumbled down the stairs

I laughed and he ran to me and hugged me, almost making me fall backwards

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry" He mumbled as he peppered my face with small kisses.

"Get off me" I giggled as I pushed him back

"Uh... Mind filling us up here?" Ashton asked as he glared at Luke

"She said she'd rather cuddle with Ashton or calum instead of me" He pouted and the boys chuckled

"Awe poor Lukey" Michael said as he bit into his pizza slice

"Alex i'm sorry you can have my cuddles whenever you want!" Luke said proudly as he raised his chest

"dude like I said. Calum and Ashton are great cuddlers" I laughed and he stuck his tongue out

"what about me?" Michael asked and I shrugged

"You're my brother" He nodded

"STEP BROTHER" the boys all argued and Michael and I glared at them


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