Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


6. 6

Michael's pov

My bowling ball rolled down the alley until it hit the three remaining pins down.

"Yes!" I exclaimed as I regained my seat in between Ashton and Calum.

"Get ready to lose Mike" Alex smirked as she got up and took a blue bowling ball.

As she got ready to throw it, I saw the boys, mostly Ashton, looking at her arse. I slapped Calum's and Ashton's head first before reaching out to slap Luke's. They all groaned and I laughed, refocusing my attention to Alex seeing her hit all of the pins in one shot. I groaned and she smirked at me before sitting on Calum's lap since there was no other place left.

"Hello Alex. May I help you?" Calum asked wiggling his eyebrows as he placed his hands on her waist

Alex laughed before blushing a crimson red and turning to me

"Can I sit on your lap instead of sitting on this dirty boy's lap?" she asked giggling and we all burst out laughing as I nodded inviting her to sit on my lap.

"Well since Alex won that one, and the other ones, I say we go out for pizza. It's only 10 pm so" Ashton trailed off and we all nodded before taking off our shoes and running to the counter

We got out of the bowling place and immediately rushed to the car, where Alex got shot gun and us boys were in the back, minus Ashton, he was driving.

"I'm actually happy Alex moved in with you guys. She's hot" Calum whispered in my ear making me chuckle

"Proves my point, dirty boy" Alex said turning around to look at us as Ashton laughed in the front

"Wait you heard that?"

"duh?" Alex replied before turning back around and playfully punching Ashton's arm, making him stop laughing

"Let's put some music on!" Luke chimed in and we all cheered

"PIERCE THE VEIL" We all yelled and Alex plugged in her IPhone, connecting it to the car.

"ready?" She asked smirking

"As i'll ever be" Calum said cheerfully.

"Okay let's go!" Just as she said that, the beginning of Caraphernelia echoed in the speakers making my heart beat go crazy. Man do I love music.

Ashton's pov

I watched Alex as she sang and danced to one of my favorite songs by pierce the veil: Caraphernelia. There's so much drums and guitars and all and omg I love this song.

I laughed as Alex tried to follow the beat of the drums with her head, making her head bang against the window

"Ow shoot" She whined as she held her head, a small smile appearing across her face as she saw me staring

"Uh sorry" I whispered looking back at the road ahead of me.

"It's fine. I know i'm irresistible." She joked.

You are irresistible

"Nope. In your dreams... Wait what's your last name?" I asked, making her laugh

"Green, Alexis Green" She said making my eyes go wide

"Your name's Alexis?"

"Yes. Don't wear it out" We laughed and I saw Calum staring at Alex

"What are you looking at?" I asked looking him in the eye from my mirror.

"nothing" He mumbled

"good" I sight and looked back at Alex, who was already looking at me. She blushed and smiled shyly as she looked back down at her lap.

I finally parked in the parking lot of Domino's pizza. I took the key out of the ignition before stepping out of the car followed by Alex and the boys.


"I want to make a toast." Michael blurted out as he lifted his glass up in the air

"For what?" Alex asked taking a bite into her huge pizza slice

"For you. I've been way happier since you've been here and I thank you for that" Alex blushed and nodded lifting her Coka Cola glass up, Calum, Luke and I mimicking her actions

"Thanks Mikey." Alex grinned as our drinks connected. I smiled and watch Alex as she ate her pizza. I don't know why but it seems that everything she does makes me smile. She laughs, I smile. She hugs me, I smile. She eats, I smile cause she's so darn  cute. Anyway, you get the idea.

"Ashton stop staring at my sister" Michael mumbled loud enough for Alex and the boys to hear, making them turn around. Alex blushed as I smirked at her

"Whatever" I whispered back as I made an eye contact with Alex, making her smile

All the things i'd do just to see you smile.


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