Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


5. 5

Alex's pov

I layed down on my bed, figuring out how i'm supposed to survive a year with Michael.

My thoughts got interrupted when a knock on my door was heard

"Go away" I said rolling over to burry my face in my pillow

"It's Daryl"

"Okay come in"

The door crept open and Daryl's face appeared. He smiled shyly at me before completely entering my room. He sat down on the edge of my bed and patted the mattress beside him. I sight and crawled to sit  by him. We both stared at the door for a few minutes until Daryl spoke up

"You know, Alex, Michael never meant those things" I looked down at my hands and nodded

"He's just been so nervous and happy about meeting you that it got to his head. He didn't want to be known as the sweet Mike that everyone knows. He wanted to build up a new reputation for his own. He'll grow out of it I guarantee you that. But for now, I think you two need to talk" I looked at Daryl and he nodded towards the door.

I looked up and saw a guilty looking Michael playing with his hands.

"I'll leave you to it" Daryl said getting up and heading to the door. He whispered something into Michael's ear then disappeared.

"I'm sorry Alex" Michael said sitting down next to me and putting his arm protectively around my shoulders. I leaned into him and smiled

"It's fine Mikey."

"no it's not, I should've never said those things. I feel horrible and i'm really sorry" I sighed and nodded before kissing his cheek

"I still think you're hot" He blurted out, making me burst into laughter

"It's true!" He exclaimed, starting to laugh too.

"You're a weird brother" I said once I've calmed down

"But you love me"

"I never said that."

"Oh I see how this is. I'll just go and tell Ashton that you have a huge crush on him!" He said as he ran towards my door.

"Mikey how did you know that?!" I yelled chasing after him upstairs.

"I didn't! But now I do" he sang running towards the gaming room on the second floor

"Mike stop running and let me kill you!" I exclaimed. He laughed and ran in the room. I followed behind and tackled him to the ground.

"Bitch listen to me" I said laughing

"That was NOT cool man" I said as I sat down on him.

"I'm sorry! I just wanted to know if you had a crush on one of my mates... Now I know!" He yelled before laughing

"Shut up you-"

"What did he do?" Mike and I turned around to be faced with his smirking friends

"He did nothing. Uh yea nothing" I stuttered out as I felt Ashton's eyes on me

"didn't really look like nothing" Luke mumbled

"Well the thing is, Alex here has a crush on one of you guys. The lucky guys is-"

"Michael Gordon Clifford!" I exclaimed laughing

"Shut up!" I said turning crimson red

"Awe come on Alex tell us. Who do you like? I would understand if it was me I mean i'm irresistible" Calum said wiggling his eyebrows

"In your dreams Hood" I scoffed and the boys laughed

"I like her already" Ashton said and Mike's eyes widen before he smirked at me.

"Well i'll just go now" I said awkwardly getting up

"Could you give me a hand sis?"

"Oh so now it's sis?" I asked

"What? You're a bitch when you annoy me but you're my sis when I need help. Duh" I laughed


"Bitch" He said smirking and I laughed before offering him my hand, him taking it to support his weight as he stood up.

I walked out of the room laughing and just as I was about to go down the stairs, two hands were placed on my waist, turning me around. I squealed before I smashed into Ashton's chest.

"Woah there pretty girl." He smirked and I blushed.

"Hi" I whispered looking down. Ashton engulfed me in a hug and I placed my head on his chest, my head rising up and down due to the fast beating of his heart.

"So who's your crush?" Ashton asked as he looked down at me.

I can't tell him I like him, that would be so awkward...

"Calum" I whispered and immediately saw a frown form on his face. He let go of me and took a step back, looking down at his feet. God I feel so awful.

"uhm...great. I-uh yea."


"Do you want to join us? I mean you could get closer to me- uh Calum yea Calum" He suggested scratching the back of his head as he looked at me shyly

"Yea I could do that, again" He laughed slightly and I mentally and physically (I think) Smiled. He just makes me smile. He's so cute and his dimples omg.

"Let's go" He whispered as he walked back to the game room. I sighed and followed him closely. He jogged to the couch and sat down on it, looking at the Tv where Luke and Calum were playing a Fifa match.

I sighed again and walked towards Mikey. He was on the love seat but gladly offered me his lap as he saw me. I sat down horizontally across his lap, burying my head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I breathed heavily on his neck

"What's wrong?" He whispered in my ear and I looked up at him

"Ashton asked me who I like and I thought "I just can't tell him I like him, he'll laugh right in my face" " I explained


"then I said I liked Calum"

"Calum!?" Michael exclaimed and the boys all turned around. Calum smirked at me and I laughed

"Mike, shut up" I whispered laughing and the boys shrugged before turning around.

"And what did he do?" He asked whispering again

"He frowned and went back in here" I finished and Michael and I sight at the same time

"Damn. You really shouldn't have done that, I'm sure he likes you and totally got crushed when he heard that" Michael said looking at me in the eye.

"Not shoot Sherlock" I mumbled and he laughed

"You never curse do you?" Luke asked turning around

"and you never win at Fifa do you?" I asked back and the boys all let out 'ohhhh's ' And some 'damn son' Luke blushed as I laughed

"Don't worry babe you'll get better" Ashton said as he side hugged Luke

"Are ya jealous yet?" He asked jokingly as he turned to look at me, although I could sense some truth behind it.

"nope not at all" I smirked and he giggled

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