Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


40. 40

Alex's pov

"Do you think this is funny?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and waiting for Ashton's response

"Yeah.. Hence my laughter, babe" He smirked and i chuckled before taking my controller from the ground, where Ashton had previously thrown it.

"While you two flirt, we'll go buy some lunch, since mum and dad are at work" Michael said

"Can you get us some?" Ash asked, his eyes still glued to the TV.

"Fuck off and get your own" Luke laughed, getting up from his spot on the ground.

"Meanie" I pouted and he chuckled


Luke walked out of the game room, followed by Michael and Calum.

"and we were not flirting!" I called before turning to Ashton, who was raising his eye brow at me "Okay, fine. Maybe a little" I giggled and he grinned before kissing me on the cheek and getting up

"Hey! What about Call of duty?" I asked and he laughed

"I'll beat you at it another day, right now i have to go and babysit little Harry" He sighed, taking hold of my hands before pulling me up on my feet

"Fine. Call me later alright?" I asked and he nodded, placing a gentle kiss to my lips before smacking my butt playfully and running away, making me chuckle

"Love you!" He called out

"You too!" I giggled before i heard the front door closing.

I sighed, walking back into my room and flopping down on my bed, rethinking everything.

The small two weeks tour i went on

How Ashton and i had sex just over a week ago

How we already 'love' each other so early in this relationship...

It doesn't make any sense.


I shoulder maybe call Tyler.

I rolled over onto my stomach and picked up my phone from my nightstand, quickly unlocking it and pressing onto Tyler's contact, waiting for him to answer.

As the phone rang, i walked up the stairs and put on my shoes and coat. I took my car and house keys from the counter before sitting on the armrest of the couch

"Hey Greenie" Tyler sang

"Hey Stephie" I laughed

"What's up bitchachos?"

"I'm bored, can i come over?"

"Since when did you have to ask?" Tyler laughed

"You're right, i'll be over in ten" I didn't wait for his response before i hung up, already bolting out the front door

I walked to my car and hoped into the driver's seat before pulling out the driveway and driving to his house

"Alex, darling!" Hellen, Tyler's mum, exclaimed as she opened the door

"Hi Hellen" I smiled

The petite women took a step forward and took me into her warm embrace, squeezing my body as she whispered about how she's missed me

"Missed you too, Hellen" I giggled as soon as she released me

"Tyler's in his room- Tyler! Alex is here!" She called out behind her before turning back to me and smiling warmly at me

I laughed, remembering several times where i was in the exact position as i am right now

Tyler came into view and gave me a quick hug, before pulling me into his house

"I still have some paperwork to sign downtown so i'll leave go while you two catch up" She smiled before getting out and onto the porch

Tyler and i both waved at her while she walked to her car

"Does she know her way around here?" I asked once Tyler had closed the wooden door behind me

"Not at all" He laughed, sitting on his couch and patting the seat beside him.

"Reassuring" I sighed, sititng down beside my best friend

"What's on your mind, Al?" He asked, switching his position so that he was proped on his elbow, which was on the back of the couch, and looking at me

"It's just... Everything's been moving too fast" I sighed

"What do you mean?" He asked (Please no Justin Bieber references)

"Well, first there's Ashton then the tour and-"

"What does Ashton have to do with this?" He asked

"We've been moving way too fast... Ty, just last week we had... Sex... for the first time and we had already said our 'i love you's' before but i don't even know if i really am in love with him. I don't know what love is, i don't know if we had sex too fast, i don't know if-" I was cut off by Tyler's hand colliding with my cheek, bringing me back into my calm state

"Thanks" I sighed and he nodded

"You have to stop thinking about it. Alex, i know you. I know that if you don't stop right now you'll end up breaking up with him for no valid reason. I also know that you'll keep yourself up for several nights, trying to figure things out, but in the end, it'll end up into another one of your panic attacks. You and Ashton might have said your 'i love you's' too fast but it's done and you can't go back. The only question you have to ask yourself is "Does he make me happy?" And if the answer is yes, then you don't have anything to worry about, i promise" Tyler took a deep breath before smiling warmly at me and sqeezing my hand



"Now, about your small tour, don't think about it. Maybe the whole career thing went too fast but like i said seconds ago, it's done and you can't go back. Don't think about the past but think about the future, you dumbass" He laughed

"Thanks bitch" I giggled and wrapped my arms around his torso, pressing my head to his chest


I got up and headed to the kitchen before opening his fridge and looking into it

"What are you doing?" Tyler questionned as he walked into the kitchen

"Beer?" I asked, holding up two bottles of Stella Artois in my right hand. Not the best beer in town but i can manage

"If you tell my mum, i'm screwed" He laughed, taking one bottle and opening it, before clinking it to mine.


Guys i'm alive! No but seriously i'm so sorry i haven't been on for weeks and maybe even months but i will be updating each and every single one of my stories every week. I hope i'll be able to make it up to you... Love you xx

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