Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


4. 4

Michael's pov

"Guys i told you she's off limits." I said for the hundredth time in the last 5 minutes.

"But she's hot!" Luke whined and i laughed before nodding.

"See? Even you can't control yourself. Let's go, ashton and her have been waiting for quite a long time" calum said and luke and i nodded before following him out of my room.

Once we entered the man cave, we saw Ashton sitting down on his own, no Alex in view

"Where's my sister?" I asked

"She left"

"Why the hell would she do that?"

"Cause she didn't feel welcomed." Ashton replied turning to the three of us

"She told you that?"

"Not exactly but she sounded uncomfortable and she just left." I sight and sat down on the couch

"Ugh. What am i going to do with her?"

"I don't know. Hang out more with her and your bestest mates cause she's hot and we want to know her more?" Calum asked

"Uhm... No?"

"Come on mate be cool to her." Ashton said

"Yea i'd like to see you try. She's freakin annoying and princessy. I wish my dad never even meet her mum." I muttered

"what?" We all turned around to be face with Alex

"I didn't mean that Alex" i said standing up and walking towards you

"GO TO HELL" she screamed before storming off to her room and slamming the door, making me flinch

"Dude that was low" luke said

"No shit sherlock" i said

"Anyways, we have to go. Diner's almost ready and the boys are eating at mine's" ashton said standing up and heading towards the door.

"Why can't i come?" I asked

"Cause your father wanted you to bond with Alex" cal replied. I sight and nodded

"Bye guys" i yelled as they made their way into the hall

"Bye Mikey" they all replied before disappearing upstairs

Alex's pov

I was scrolling through instagram laying on my bed, when i decided to text Tyler

A- hey Ty

He replied a few minutes later

T-alex! Hey! Why didn't you text me earlier?

A-sorry...i was too caught up with my stupid brother...

T-what's he like?

A-he has red hair... Your height, snake bites, earings and he likes all of our favorite bands

T-doesn't sound too bad. What about HIM really.

A-He's an arrogant prick, he's so mean and he can't even try to be nice without failing 20 minutes later.

T- what do you mean?

"Alex! Mike! Come up here diner's ready!" I heard my mum yelling and i sight before texting Tyler back

A-i gotta go. Diner's ready. I'll tell you the story tomorrow over the phone! Bye Ty! Xx

T-diner? Oh shit sorry timezone. Okay well have a great diner and i'll talk to you tomorrow boo! Love ya!xx

I smiled and put my phone down before remembering Michael hates me. Sighing, I made my way to my door then up the stairs to the kitchen.

"Alex could you put the plates on the table?" Daryl asked handing me the plates. I smiled and nodded, taking the plates in my hands. Michael was already putting the utensils on the table and I mentally sight.

I started putting the plates on the table one by one until I felt a nudge

"What Michael?" I asked harshly not even glancing at him

"I'm sorry" he whispered

"I don't care." I walked back to the kitchen and took out some glasses.

"Oh no Alex I'll do it. you can go sit down." Daryl said taking the glasses from me

"Thanks Daryl" He smiled at me and I walked to the table, sitting as far from Michael as possible

"How did you manage for my dad to actually like you?" Michael asked

"Cause I wasn't being an ass like you" I shot back, looking at him and giving him a fake smile

"Dang" He whispered, sinking in his seat.


"cheers for a new start" My mum said lifting her glass up, Daryl, Michael and I copying her.

"yep." I simply answered

"who wants desert?" Mum asked. Michael quickly lifted his hand up



"Mum!" I exclaimed

"Dad!" Michael mimicked. I glared at him and he stuck his tongue out

"how can I be a slut when I wear jeans and band tees all the time aye?" I questioned. Mum and Daryl were just staring.

"Cause you are. I bet you slept with all the other guys at your old school." He snickered

"I was bullied at my old school. I had Tyler to talk to and that's it. How could I have slept with every guy? Tell me"

"Ha! Tyler. Your only friend" I stood up so fast that my chair went flying across the room

"I hate you! Yea he was my only friend but he was a true one. Not one of those fake girls at school.  I wish my mum and your dad never met! Oh see we finally agree on something!" I stormed downstairs to my room, leaving the rest of my so called family upstairs in the most awkward situation possible.

Michael's pov

"Michael Gordon Clifford!" My dad yelled getting up from his chair, making me flinch

"How can you say things like that to her?!"

"I just said she was a slut relax. Plus she started, she said I was a pig" I shrugged taking a sip of my water

"Oh yea cause that's the exact same thing" He said sarcastically

"Daryl calm down" Sophie (Alex's mum, ugh) Whispered to my dad

"Yea dad. Chill" I smirked, crossing my arms

"Go to your room. Now!" I put my hands up in defence and got up to got to my room.




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