Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


39. 39


if you don't feel comfortable reading smut, than i suggest you skip this chapter:)

For the others, enjoy

alex's pov

I groaned, placing the drum sticks on the floor and huffing as Ashton laid his head on my shoulder, chuckling.

I had just attempted to recreate what Ashton had just showed me on the drums.

As expected, i failed miserably

"You know, you looked hot banging those drums" he cooed as he softly kissed the spot behind my ear. I closed my eyes and sighed, humming as he kissed down my neck

"And you looked hot when you got mad, too"

I hummed again, my body stiffening as his hands gripped my hips

"And you'll look even hotter when i'll be done with you" he whispered, lifting me up on his lap, bringing his lips to mine

"M. Irwin, are you hitting on me?" I grinned

"Indeed i am, mrs Green" he chuckled against my neck as i threw my head backwards.

"You know, i don't think being a rockstar is really for you" he began "you should be a model, my personal model, if you're lucky" i giggled and brought my head back up, catching his lips in a swift kiss

"I don't think being a rockstar is for me either, and maybe i'll be your personal model, if you're lucky" he raised an eyebrow at me before getting up, my legs tightening their grip on his waist.

"Let's see if you got the job, shall we?" I nodded and attacked his neck with kisses as he began walking up the stairs, carrying me.

"Fuck Alex" he moaned as my teeth graised the hickey hat had just formed on his neck

"Do you think i'm going to get the job, m. Irwin?" I whispered into his ear

"Only if you're a good girl, baby" i moaned in response as he kicked the door to his bedroom open, allowing our panting and already sweaty bodies to enter.

He gently placed me onto the mattress and hovered over me, placing his palms on each side of my head before doing a half push-up, his lips meeting mine.

We made out for a few minutes until he got up, looking at me with his dark eyes.

"Strip" he demanded and i gulped, excited to see what will be coming out of this.

We haven't done it yet because it never really happened but we are both ready, only waiting for a perfect timing for our first time together.

I took the hem of my shirt in my hands and quickly discarded it to the floor, making Ashton's eyes darken even more

"Beautiful" he murmured, taking a step towards me and kissing me deeply.

This dominant side of Ashton was a foreign thing for me, and i liked it, very much.

His tongue swifted across my lip and collided with mine as i parted my lips.

I rolled us over, making me hover over him, and straddled his lap. I continued our heated kiss and let my hands roam around on his uper body, dangerously approaching his crotch.

He moaned as my finger tips grazed over his slightly defined abs and i smiled, happy to see how quickly he reacts to me.

"You have too much clothing on" I breathed out and he nodded, breaking away from our kiss before taking his shirt off.

"Better?" He grinned


He took my hips in his large hands and pinned me to the bed. His caloused fingers found the loops on my jeans before he looked up at me. I nodded, taking my lips inbetween my teeth as he pulled my jeans down, leaving a trail of wet kisses down my legs as he did so.

"You're so beautiful" he breathed out, coming back up and connecting his lips with my neck. I let out a moan as he took my, still clothed, right breast in his hand, making both my nipples harden. 

"Ash" I breathed out. He hummed in response and unclipped my bra with his fingers

"Do something" I whined

"Patience, baby" He chuckled. I groaned and bucked my hips forward, hoping he'd get the message

"Patience" He repeated and kissed down the valley of my breasts, onto my stomach and finally the line of my panties

"Ready?" He asked and i nodded, taking his long hair in my small hands, tugging at it.

He discarded them to the floor and stared at my wet core, making me slightly uneasy for a minute

"Stop" He ordered as i closed my legs together. I looked down at him and he smiled at me before taking my hand in his and entwining our fingers.

"Don't worry, beautiful, i'll make you feel good" he smiled reassuringly at me and i nodded.

His eyes fluttered closed as he licked up my folds. I tighten my fingers around his hand, since  they were still entwined, and he hummed. His lips found my clit and he sucked on it, swirling his tongue around the small bundle of nerves.

"Oh my, god. Ash" I moaned

I felt his long fingers teasing my entrance, collecting all my juices. He suddenly stopped his movements and detached his lips from my clit.

"What do you want baby, you have to tell me" i groaned and threw my head back into the pillows

"Do something, anything. Please Ash" 

"Be more specific" He smirked

"Fuck. I need your mouth, i need you please just do something!" 

"Since you asked so nicely" He got up on his knees and took off his pants before crawling back to me and kissing me again

"Are you sure?"

"It's probably a bit too late for you to ask, Irwin" I teased

"I'll take that as a yes" He giggled and i nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

He pulled away from me and took off his boxers before reaching into his nightstand, taking out a foil packet

Ashton ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it onto his length. 

He was big, like really big, which scared me since it had been a while since i had sex.

He positionned himself at my entrance and looked up at me again, quickly getting a nod as his response. He slowly pushed into me and i gasped, feeling my walls being stretched. 

"Fuck" he breathed and let his head fall backwards

He slowly thrusted into me and i moaned, feeling him filling me completely.

"Oh my god, ash" I breathed

"F-fuck you feel so good" He moaned and thrusted vigorously into me

I moaned as his chest pressed down onto mine, letting me feel every single bit of him

He pressed his lips to mine and quickened his pace, making me moan out and arch my back

"I love you... I love you... I love you" he breathed out in between kisses

I bit down on my bottow lip, trying to contain my moans.

"I want to hear you, babe. Let me hear how good i'm making you feel" he groaned, bucking his hips into mine.

I cried out as my orgasm grew closer and closer with every thrust

He kissed my lips again before i felt his hand sliding between our chests and onto my clit

His fingers rubbed my clit slightly, making me buck my hips again, only for them to be pressed down by Ashton

I gasped, screwing my eyes shut as i came undone around him

"Fuck" he groaned, holding himself up on his elbows again

"I'm gonna cum" he twitched inside me before i felt him release.

Ashton kissed my lips before pulling out of my sensitive core

"Was it okay?" He asked as soon as he disposed of the condom

"Perfect" i panted, laying still on my back

"Good" he smiled, walking to the bed and laying down next to me

"How about a cuddle session?" I suggested

"I could never say no to you, my love" i giggled and laid my head on his chest, feeling the rapid beating of his heart.

"I love you"

Those words never failed to put a smile on my face.

He was my one and only, and the way he made me feel tonight only made me sure of my answer

"I love you too" i looked at him and planted a kiss to his jawline

"Goodnight babe"

"Goodnight Ash"

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