Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


36. 36

Alex's pov

"Go fish" i groaned and mum laughed

"But mum" i whined and she nodded towards the cards in the middle of the table.

I took one and groaned again

"I hate this game"

"I know you do honey" i stuck my tongue out at her and Ashton came in

"Sorry to interrupt your... Fun game... But do you have some ice?" He lifted up his hand, revealing a cut

"Why would you need some ice on a cut?" I asked as i went to the freezer

"To stop the swelling" i nodded and gave him an ice pack

"How in the world did you do that?" Mum asked as she examined his hand and he giggled.

"I guess i went too hard on the drums" he said glancing at me and i blushed

"Right... I say you guys take a break from band practice okay? Your hand needs to heal" ashton nodded and kissed my cheek before running back downstairs

"He's a lovely young man" mum smiled and i smiled back, blushing

"I know" i mumbled and she laughed before pulling me into her side

"Handsome too" she whispered in my ear and i laughed

"Mum! What about Daryl?!" I joked and we both laughed

"Daryl's handsome too, but Ashton is too young for me" i nodded

"I'll go see the guys" she nodded and i scurried downstairs only to see the boys with another girl

"Oh hi... Who are you?" I asked

"Uhm, i'm Macy, who are you?" She asked as she gave me a disgusted look. Oh my god it's the girl Ashton kissed a couple of weeks ago

"I'm Alex, Michael's sister"

"Oh! Fiew, i thought you were with one of the boys" she laughed

"What's so funny about that?"

"Well, you're... You."

"What the heck does that mean?!"

"Honey, not to be mean but," yea right "you're kind of not as hot as me"

I stood there speechless

"And who are you to the boys?" I asked calmly, already knowing a part of the answer

"I'm Ashton's girl"

What do you mean girl?

We made out just a couple of days ago!

And now he has a Girl?

And it's her?


What the hell?!

"I'll be upstairs" i muttered and stomped upstairs, whipping the tears off my face

Tyson, shoot i forgot about him!

I ran to the game room upstairs and sat on the couch, taking a remote control in my hands

I logged into my Xbox account and saw that Tyson was connected.

I clicked on his name and invited him to play a game together.

He said yes and we connected on a game that was already started

"Alex! Fancy meeting you here!" He laughed and i giggled

"Yea... Sorry about that. I was back in England for a week and then on a small tour of two weeks so i'm sorry"

"No it's fine. Only, i was alone for three weeks"

"Sorry about that mate" i giggled

"Hey where do you live? Not to be creepy or anything" i laughed and nodded, even though he couldn't see me

"Sydney, Australia. And before you ask, i'm 18"

"Sweet! I live there too, and i'm 19" i giggled

"Do you want to hang out one day?" He asked

"Sure! When?"

"How about today?"

"Yea that sounds okay! How about in an hour at Nando's. The one on 17th avenue?"

"Sure! Now, shall we play this game?" I giggled and pressed start.


"Michael!" I yelled from my room and he immediately came in


"A couple of weeks ago, you said your birthday was a week away, wasn't true, right?" He laughed and shook his head

"It's in November"

"But November's in a week"

"I know" i nodded "why are you all dolled up?"

"I'm going out with a friend"



"Who the hell is Tyson? And what about Ashton?"

"Tyson's my friend and Ashton can go to hell" i groaned and got up


"No. Ashton kissed me a couple of days ago and now he's already back with Macy? Like really?"

"Alex stop-"

"Bye Mike"

I ran out of my bedroom and up the stairs. I took my purse and car keys from the counter and kissed Daryl's cheek before heading out the door. I hoped in my car and drove to Nando's

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