Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


34. 34

Alex's pov

I inhaled loudly as i walked up the front porch.

I'm finally back home.

I knocked on the door, scared to actually go in.

I don't know why though

The door slowly opened and Daryl smiled

"Alex! What are you doing here?" He asked as he hugged me

"Not ready for tour yet" i shrugged and he smiled

"That's okay, Alex. You'll have other opportunities" he said and i smiled

"Yea." I walked into the house and looked around

It feels like i haven't been here in forever

"Yea so rehearsals at Luke's?"Michael came in talking on his phone and saw me

"I'll call you back" he hung up and i ran into his arms, wrapping my tiny arms around his waist

"What are you doing here?"

"Nice to know i'm wanted" we pulled away and he chuckled

"No i mean, why are you back already?"

"I'm not ready for tour, yet. So here i am" he laughed

"Well i was just about to go to Luke's for band practice, want to come?"

"Sure! Let me change first" he nodded and i ran to my bedroom.

I quickly changed into a white skater dress and black vans before running back upstairs

"Cute! Now let's go" i said bye to Daryl before Michael and I jogged to his car

"So, i'll have to warn you, the boys missed you very much so get ready" i laughed and nodded

Once we arrived in front of the Hemmings' household, i started feeling nervous.

Ashton's going to be there... Did he miss me as much as i missed him?

Does he still like me even if i was only gone for two weeks?

"Alex?" I hummed and looked towards Michael who chuckled

"Get out of the car." He laughed and i chuckled before stepping outside.

We walked to the front porch and Michael knocked on the door

"Get behind me" i did as told and hid behind Michael, trying to hide my legs behind his. Which was easy since i'm way smaller and thiner than him...

"Mike! Come in" i heard Luke saying

"Mikey do you have pizza?!" Calum yelled as he came to the door, i assume

"No... But i've got something else" i took that as my cue so i slowly slid to the side, revealing myself to the boys

"Alex!" They tackled me in a hug while i laughed

"Why are you here months early?!" Luke exclaimed and i laughed

"Not ready for tour yet. How have you been?"

"Good, although we missed you!" Calum screamed and i nodded

"I missed you too"

"Do you want to come in?"


Michael and I stepped into the house and i could perfectly hear drums being played. They were loud and wouldn't seem to stop. I followed them into the basement and as we approached the end of the stairs, i could barely see Ashton's curls flying in the air as his body moved to the beat.

He looked like a god.

A damn god.


"ASHTON" luke screamed and Ashton jumped and turned around

"Alex!" At my surprise, he got up and engulfed me in a hug

"God i missed you"

"Missed you too, Ash" i smiled and buried my head in the crook of his neck while i took in his scent

"Come on lovebirds" i stepped away from Ashton and blushed

"Shut up Michael" Ashton giggled and the boys laughed

"Let's get this started!" The boys cheered and all went to their instruments

They started playing one of their songs, called 'I've got this friend'

I kept looking at Ashton. I couldn't help myself. He looked so good.

The way his arms flexed at every movement he made

He closed his eyes and still played the drums perfectly.

His brownish locks fell in front of his eyes as he banged his head to the beat

He looked simply beautiful.

No other guy on this planet could possibly beat him.

He's perfect. To me at least.

Why the hell did i let him go?

Why didn't i keep my mouth shut?

Why did i get mad at him in the first place, for something he didn't do?

I got out of my trans and realized i had tears rolling down my cheeks

I missed him, so much

I got up from the bean bag on the floor and walked to the mini fridge

I opened it and took out a Smirnoff, cause why not?

I popped it open and took a sip of it

As they finished their song, i cheered

"That's one hell of a good song!" I exclaimed and the boys laughed


"I say we practiced enough for today, let's go outside" we all agreed to Calum's suggestion and went upstairs.

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