Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


33. 33

Alex's pov

I've been away for, what seems like ages, but it's only been a couple of weeks. Maybe two... Nonetheless.

Ashton's been constantly on my mind.

I told Calum about these newly acquired damn feelings and he told me it was the same for Ashton.

Maybe going on tour was a bad idea.

Maybe i can just report it

I don't have a lot of fans. They don't know me

I've been on stage a couple of times and no more than a few thousand people were there.

So much for fame.

I haven't talked to Ashton, obviously, but i've been calling the other boys everyday.

Michael's got a girlfriend. I can't wait to meet her. I bet she's just like him, a gamer, likes pizza, dies her hair, constantly eating and all that other Michael like stuff.



"Did you hear what i just said?"

"No, Ethan"

"Listen, Alex. Being famous is serious stuff. You have to listen to me okay?"

"But maybe i don't want to be famous, Ethan. I just want to do something i love and you guys are keeping me from doing it"

"What do you mean? You're on tour right now!"

"Yea but it's so much pressure! I just want to have fun! Not be constantly running everywhere for fans i don't even have! I think i'm not ready for this tour, maybe i could report it to next year or something"

"You can't, Mark won't let you"

"Well i'll just quit and try out with another label" i smirked and crossed my arms

"Alex, you're talking nonsense"

"BS. I'm serious"

"I know you are, which is why i'm asking you to rethink it over"

"No thanks. I'm not ready yet"

"You know what? Fine. Do what you like. Hey everybody! Tour's over!" Ethan screamed in the arena as our crew was setting everything up. We heard groans and moanings as Ethan turned to me

"Pack your bags. You're leaving tonight" he glared at me and i nodded. He walked away, shoving a few people in the way

"Rude" i muttered. I walked out of the arena and onto the tour bus,taking my suitcase and bags. I retrieved everything i had and put it in my bags before getting out and following an annoyed Ethan.

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