Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


32. 32

Alex's pov

Today is the oh so dreaded day

Today i'm leaving to go on tour.

Basically, i've been trying to keep myself busy, allowing my mind to relax a tad.

I thought that Ashton's and I's break up would be okay, but i thought wrong.

He's been constantly on my mind and i now know that all those feelings i got when he was around, weren't the normal kind of feelings.

Mine were stronger. His voice, his eyes, his mouth, his laugh and everything else that makes him who he is, i miss it.

I miss Asthon, more than ever.

I shook my head and looked down at my half empty suitcase on my bed.

I don't know why i didn't do it earlier but i regret it now.

I sighed and placed the folded up clothes that were on my bed, in my suitcase before zipping it up.

"ALEX COME ON" Daryl yelled from upstairs and i took on last glance at my room before taking my bags and going upstairs.

Mum, Daryl, Mike, Luke, Calum and Ashton were waiting by the front door.

I dragged my suitcase through the kitchen and living room before 'smiling' to my family and friends

"I'm so proud of you" mum smiled as she kissed my forehead

"Thanks mum" i giggled

"Okay let's go" Daryl exclaimed and Luke took my suitcase

"Luke i can-"

"Hush." I put my hands up in defence while he laughed. Michael swifted me off my feet and onto his shoulder as i pounded on his back

"Were going in my car while mum and dad go in theirs." Michael said as he walked outside, my body still dangling on his shoulder.

Once we reached the car, Luke put my suitcase in the trunk along with my bags. I hoped in the car, behind the passenger seat. Luke and Calum were beside me, Michael was driving and Ashton was just in front of me.

As Mike started driving down our street, i couldn't help but look at Ashton's hair that was showing under the head seat. Whatever you call it.

I had this urge to run my hands through it but quikly fought against it.

We're over.

"So, are you excited?" Luke asked

"Yea... But not as much as i should be" i shrugged

"How come?"

"I don't know" lie.

"Okay... Well do you know where your first concert is?" Calum chimed in

"I think it's in Adelaide... Oh my god what if i screw up? I haven't even had a dang gig yet! Why did they make me go on tour after only a freagin month?!" I started freaking out and quikly snapped my finger together

"Shhh Alex calm down. You're going to rock those stages" michael said as his hand reached for my knee

"Yea, don't worry, you're the best" Calum smiled and i nodded


I looked out the window and briefly glanced at Ashton. His head was pressed up against the window as a tear rolled down his cheek

Me too ash. Me too

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