Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


30. 30

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Calum's pov

It took me a few minutes, but i finally found Alex sitting on a bench, her head in her hands. I exhaled loudly before running to her

"Need company?" I asked. She looked up at me and lightly giggled before patting the seat next to her

I gladly sat down and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She leaned into me and we sat there in silent for a couple of minutes

"He's an ass" she finally blurted and i almost chocked on my own saliva

"Oh my god" i laughed and she giggled

"I mean, it's true. He kissed a girl in front of me. Like, did he really hope i wouldn't see?"

"No, he hoped you would've let him explain. Macy, she's a bitch. Always have been and always will be. She was Ashton's girlfriend a couple of months back but she cheated on him with his friend."

"Then why the heck did they make out?!"

"She kissed him, and he tried pushing her away." I said "at least that's what he said to Luke" i mumbled as quietly as i could

"Right... Maybe i should call him?" Alex went to say something else but shut her mouth

"No, no i can't call him." She shook her head and i sighed

"Call him. Please" i handed her phone back to her and she looked confused

"You dropped it when you ran," she nodded and took it

"I'll call him later. Right now, i'm hungry and exhausted" she whined and i nodded

"Fine. Let's get you home." I took her hand and pulled her up.


We finally arrived back at hers and Mikey's house and i saw Michael's car.

Damn it. I forgot he wanted to talk to Ashton! And i forgot to call Luke!

"Would you stay here a sec?" I asked Alex as she was about to get out

"Uh sure?" I kissed her cheek and got out of my car before calling Luke

"You got her?!"

"Yep. We're at her house now."

"Thank god for that." He sighed "wait, aren't Ashton and Michael there?"

"Yea, i forgot. But i could still sneak her in. She's tired"

"Right....okay well good luck and thanks again"

"No worries" i hung up and walked back to my car. I knocked on Alex's window and she shyly smiled before hoping out

"Let's go. Oh and do you think you could sneak in? Cause i kind of forgot that Ashton was here" i admitted and she sighed

"Sure. Follow me." She jogged to the side of her house and opened the window to her room. She sat on the ground and put both her feet in before sliding herself inside. Once she was done i did the same

As i landed on the floor, i saw Alex staring at Ashton, who was sitting on his bed

"Sneaking in?" He lightly chuckled and i shrugged

"It was easier." Alex said and he nodded

"Could i talk to you in private?" He asked Alex and she looked at me. I nodded and glanced at the door before nodding to Ashton and getting out.

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