Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


3. 3

Michael's pov

"Guys she's so annoying you cannot imagine" i sighed passing a hand through my hair.

"Give her some time, i mean she moved from the UK . She must be pretty upset" ashton said sitting down on the couch in the mancave

"Yea" i replied

"Where's she anyways?" Calum asked pausing his game of Fifa, causing Luke to groan

"Hear that?" I asked

"Hear what?" They all asked

"Listen" we all listened closely and we could all perfectly hear Holiday by green day playing from Alex's room

"So she's hot, she likes greenday and she's a gamer?! Dude you've found the jackpot!" Calum said high-fiving Ashton and Luke

"Nobody is touching her" i groaned


"I may kind of think she's annoying but she's still my sister."

"Step sister" luke corrected and i glared at him.

"Why don't you let her come in?" Ashton asked

"Cause i'm hanging out with you, duh?"

"Let the damn girl in here" i scoffed and got up from my seat

"I hate you guys" i said before opening the door and going into the hall.

I stopped at Alex's room and knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, Alex's face appeared

"What do you want?" She asked harshly

"My mates want you to hang out with us. Wanna join?" I asked annoyed

"Sure, let me change first."

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?" I asked

"I'm in my underwear, i just got out of the shower" i nodded and just as she was about to close the door, i stopped it with my foot and entered

"Hey! Get out!" Alex yelled trying to cover herself with her towel.

"I'm your brother, you'll see me in my underwear loads of times. It's only fair that i see you in your underwear too" i smirked and she sighed

"You're a pain" she groaned and i nodded laughing. Alex scoffed and headed to her closet, taking out her clothes.

I have to admit, she's gorgeous. Her body,her face, her hair and just everything. I'm one lucky step bro if you ask me.

"Dude stop staring!" Alex exclaimed laughing. I chuckled and she put on her clothes, turning sideways from me.

Now i can see all of her curves. Damn

Once Alex was done, we headed towards the man cave and knocked on the door.

"Hey mikey where's Alex?" Luke asked opening the door.

"Behind me." He looked up and nodded, smirking obviously.

"Come in Alex. Oh and Mike." I laughed sarcastically and pushed past Luke, letting Alex in first.

"Woah you have Fifa?!?" She exclaimed as she saw Ashton and Calum playing.

I nodded laughing and Alex jumped on the couch, right beside Ashton

Alex's pov

"Woah this is sick!" I exclaimed as i looked around.

The guy beside me giggled. That's one hell of a cute giggle

"Hey i'm Alex" i greeted and he paused his game

"Ashton but you can call me Ash" i nodded and Mikey coughed loudly

"Are ya done flirting?" He asked annoyed

"I just told him my name and he told me his, take a chill pill dang" ashton and the other boys laughed

"Luke and Calum, can i talk to you for a sec?" Mike asked with a fake smile. Oh so that's their names

They nodded and followed Michael out of the man cave.

Why do i feel like Michael hates me?

I mean maybe i'm a bitch but i try to be nice...

"I think i'll just go" i whispered.

"What? Why?" Ashton asked

"I just... Nothing. See you around Ash" i said getting up

As i stepped out of the room, i faintly heard Ashton saying,

"It was nice meeting you?"

I laughed to myself and headed straight to my room

"This is going to be aweful" i thought to myself as i plopped down on my bed

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