Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


29. 29

Ashton's pov

As i tried pushing Macy off of me, someone pulled me back

Thank god



"We were having a moment here, and you kind of ruined it, sexy" macy said twirling a strand of her dyed blonde hair. I rolled my eyes and took Luke's arm, taking him in the back of the shop

"EXPLAIN! Alex saw you and ran out! How could you!?" He yelled

"She saw it?! Oh shit. Where did she go?!"

"Don't change the subject, Irwin. What. Were. You. Doing" he groaned

"She kissed me first! I tried pushing her off i swear!"

"Fine. Now, i'll call Michael and Calum since they're at a cafè and explain EVERYTHING. Then, we'll go look for Alex."

"Cool, thanks ma-"

"Stop." He glared at me before walking away with his phone pressed to his ear

Then it hit me


She saw it.

She'll never forgive me.

Luke's pov

"Yea and she just ran away" i explained

"That little-"

"Michael don't swear" Calum said in the back

"Yea. Okay well, let's meet at the fountain. Then, we'll try and find my sister."

"Sounds good. See ya" i hung up and walked back to Ashton who was frantically pacing back and forth

"Come on, we're meeting the boys" i groaned as i took a hold of his shirt

"As in Michael and Calum?"

"Yes as in Michael and Calum. Now let's go"

"No way, Michael's going to kill me"

"True, but do you want to find your girlfriend yes or no?" He sighed and i nodded, pulling him towards the exit


"Okay so Ashton, you'r coming home with me. Cal and Luke, find Alex and call me when you do" cal and i nodded and we all parted our ways

"I'll text you if i find her"

"Same here" i said before running somewhere.

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