Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


28. 28

Alex's pov

I unlocked my front door and silently sneaked in the house. It was 4am and i was exhausted since i just came back from a bar.

"Alex?" I jumped at the sudden voice behind me and turned around

"Michael? What are you doing up?"

"I should be asking you that" he replied crossing his arms

"Well, i was busy"

"With what?"

"Just...stuff" i replied. No way in hell am i telling Michael i just spent the night in a bar with some drunken man trying to get me home

"Whatever. Mum and dad told me to stay up until you came back... 6 HOURS AGO" he exclaimed and i flinched

"I don't need you to chaperonne me michael! I'm fine okay? Look at me. Now if you'll excuse me, i'm tired" i tried pushing my way past him but he wouldn't budge

"Michael, move"

"No. Not until you tell me where you were"

"I was out okay?!" I pushed him asside and ran downstairs to my bedroom before locking it. I stumbled my way to my bed before colapsing on it and falling asleep


"Alex? Open the door" i groaned and opened my eyes, immediately regreting it as my head started pounding


"I've got some pills" michael said softly as he knocked on my door

I crawled out of bed and dragged my tired body to the door before unlocking it

"Hi" i greeted

"Hey, i thought you'd need these" Michael smiled as he handed me some pills and a glass of water.

"Thanks" i took them and walked back to my bed before sitting on it and gulping the pills down with some water

"Do you remember anything that hapened yesterday?"

I shook my head

"You came home, drunk, at 4 in the morning and argued with me." Michael softly laughed as he sat beside me

"I did, didn't i"

"Yea, why did you go out anyway?"

I shrugged and handed him the glass of water

"You're not even legal, how in hell did they let you in?"

"I've got my ways" i chuckled as he laughed

"Okay, but next time, don't have all of us worried."

"Fine. I'm sorry"

"It's okay. Now, i made us breakfast, want to join the boys and i?"


He took my hand and pulled me up. We both slowly walked upstairs

"Hey sleepy head" Luke greeted and i waved at him

"What's up with her?" Calum asked

"Hungover" the boys nodded and i chuckled

"Can i have my breakfast now?"

"Fine" Michael sarcasticaly huffed and handed me a plate full of delicious pancakes and fruits.

"Thanks, mate"

"No worries. Now, why did you go out?"

"I don't know, wanted to have a break from everything i guess"

"Break? From what?" Ashton chimed in

"I'm going on tour in a month" i mumbled and it went silent

"A month? We barely just had our first gig"

"I know. And i don't get it i mean, you guys are incredible and i don't get how you're not signed yet."

"Thankd, but don't you have to have real concerts before going on tour?"

"I guess, but not with Mark" i groaned

"How about we go to the old music shop?" Ashton asked and i looked at him questionably

"What music shop?"

"Only THE most incredible music shop ever" Luke exclaimed

"Sure" i finished my last pancake and put my plate in the sink

"Let's go" Ashton smiled as he took my hand and led me towards the door, the boys following closely


"Okay Luke, you're right. This is EPIC" i exclaimed as i looked around the old music shop

"Told ya. Hey let's go look at the old records" he took me by my arm and pulled me to the back of the shop. We started looking through the oldest records, putting a smile on my face.

Ashton's pov

I was looking through all the posters that were hanging on the wall when somebody's voice caught my attention

"Ashton?" I turned around and my eyes went wide


"Yea! Oh my god it's been so long! How have you been?" She squealed as she jumped in my arms. I awkwardly pat her back and glanced at Alex and Luke, whi were laughing at something

"Uhm great" i gently pushed her off me and backed away

You see, Macy was my girlfriend a couple of months ago. She cheated on me with my friend and left me there, like a pile of dust.

"So i was thinking that maybe we could get back together? I mean you're hot i'm hot and you're a drummer" she said playing with the buttons of my shirt. I shook my head and backed away, again

"I have a girlfriend and i have no intentions in getting back together with you" i spat. She smirked at me

"Oh, Ashton. I know you're just trying to get over me and i get it. Now, break up with her and we'll be happy" before i could reply, she took me by my colar and smashed her lips on mine

Alex's pov

I laughed at Luke's joke and turned around.

I immediately dropped the Blink-182 disc that i was holding and cupped my mouth

"What's wrong?" It looked at Luke and pointed to Ashton and this girl making out before running towards the exit. I scurried past Ashton and out of the shop.

How could he do this to me?

Not only did i see Ashton making out with another girl, he also did it right in front of me.

I ran as far as i could and finally dropped on a bench.

I let all my tears out.

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