Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


27. 27



Alex's pov

"Oh my god i'm going to barf" Calum said as he held onto my arm for support. We were at the amusement park and we just did the Vampire. Quite intense if you ask me

"Relax, we'll go eat something, play some games and then do a couple more rollercoasters" Luke shrugged

"Fine." Calum replied wrapping his arm around my waist

"Oi! Calum get your filthy hands off my girlfriend!" Ashton called from the photo booth where Michael and him were waiting for their pictures to come out

"It's friendly!" Calum called back and i giggled

"It's no use arguing with him Ash!"

"I know" he groaned and i laughed

"Comon hurry! I'm hungry!" Michael yelled at the machine, making us laugh and people turned to look at us, probably thinking we're just another punk teen group.

"Michael, the pictures are out, on the other side" Luke chuckled as he pointed to the left side of the booth. Ash and Mike groaned and walked around to finally reach their pictures

"Now, Alex, what shall we do next?" ashton asked coming over to us and pulling me away from Calum's grasp

"Well, like Luke said, let's eat a little something and play games. Then we'll see" i suggested and the boys agreed

"I want cheesesteaks" I whined and the boys laughed

"You'll get your cheesteaks babe" Ashton chuckled and i stuck my tongue out at him


"Happy birthday Alex!" The boys cheered as our drinks collided above the table

"Thanks guys, this day is already awesome" I smiled at the boys and they smiled back

Just as i was about to take a bite from my incredibly mouth-watering cheesesteak, my phone started ringing

"Excuse me guys" I get up from the table and bring my phone to my ear

"Alex, I need you at the studio now" Ethan demands

"You told me I had a day off today!"

"I'm sorry Alex, but your album is way more important"

"Oh okay so my album can't wait until tomorrow? Cause i'm kind of at the amusement park with my friends. FOR MY BIRTHDAY" I exclaimed, getting a few outraged looks from people passing me

"It's your birthday? I'm really sorry Alex but this is important. Call Mark because he told me to bring you here, I can't disobey" I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I look at the guys.

"Fine, i'll be there as soon as possible"

"Okay, thank you Alex, and happy birthday" With that, Ethan hung up

"Not so happy now" I mumbled. I started walking back to our table, already dreading telling the boys my bad news

"What's wrong?" Calum asked and all the boys turned to me. I looked down and played with my hands

"Uhm... I kind of have to go to the studio today. I tried convincing Ethan but he said he had to do as told and-and I couldn't not come-" Michael cut me off

"Alex, don't worry. We all knew this would happen, it happened to us. We have to go to the studio tomorrow and all. No worries." He said getting up and placing his arm around my waist. I nodded and leaned into his side as the boys lightly smiled at me

"Don't they know it's your birthday?" Ashton asked

"Yes and they told me happy birthday" I lightly smiled and shrugged

"Now, go record your last songs" Luke said walking to me and patting my back

"Yea... Thanks for understanding guys" they all nodded and we made our way back to the car


(the song is New Americana by Halsey*__* but let's pretend like Alex is singing it

" Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles,

Just what you'd expect inside

her new Balenciaga vile romance,

turned dreams into an empire

Self made success now

she rolls with Rockefellers.

survival of the richest

the city's ours until the fall

they're Monaco and Hamptons-bound

But we don't feel like outsiders at all

We are the New Americana

High on legal Marijuana

Raised on Biggie and Nirvana.

We are the new americana

Young James Dean

Some say he looks just like his father

But he, could never love Somebody's daughter

Football team Loved more than just the game

So he vowed to be his husband

at the alter

Survival of the richest

the city's ours until the fall

They're Monaco and Hamptons-bound

But we don't feel like outsiders at all

We are the New Americana

High on legal marijuana

Raised on biggie and nirvana

We are the New Americana

We know very well who we are,

So we hold it down, when summer starts

What kind of dough

Have you been spending?

What kind of bubblegum

Have you been blowing lately?

We are the new americana

High on legal marijuana

Raised on Biggie and Nirvana

We are the new americana  

We are the new americana

High on legal marijuana

Raised on biggie and Nirvana

We are the new americana"  

As I finished the song, people cheered into the microphone "That was fantastic! And now let's celebrate for not only your birthday, but for the ALBUM COMING OUT IN OCTOBER" Ethan yelled and I laughed before getting out of the booth and greeting 'My team'

"Wait, isn't October in like, not even a month?" I asked and everybody nodded

"Yep, and then a worldwide tour!" My eyes grew wide and my mouth fell

"I'm sorry, what?"


A\N Sorry I haven't been updating that much since I came back on but I haven't been feeling very well. But I promise I'll try my best to update. So yea, thanks guys for already 27K Read on this one and like 85 likes. It really means a lot to me:)                                                                                                                                          


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