Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


26. 26

Alex's pov

"Alex what is going on? It's like you've lost all your determination for this album" ethan sighed as i frowned

"Sorry if i've been stuck in this stupid recording booth for over a week. I've had a major lack of sleep, Ethan." I groaned as i got out of the booth

"You need to work hard" he said rubbing his face and plopping down on his chair

~in the end, it'll all pay off~ i heard Ty's soothing voice say in my mind

I took a deep breath

"Ethan, i am trying hard for this album, it's just really frustrating because my performance is going at the same rythme as my sleep. If i don't sleep, goodbye good voice." I said and took my purse up from the ground

"Fine. Day off and tomorrow too. I expect you here saturday at 11 sharp. No excuses. Have a nice day" he groaned and i frowned again before getting out of the studio.

I hopped in my car and drove off. Yes that's right, i got my car. It got shiped off yesterday from England. So now i can drive anywhere i can.


"Earlier? Again?" Daryl asked and i nodded before closing the front door. I walked to him and planted a small kiss to his cheek

"I'll be taking a nap if you need me." He hummed and kissed my forehead. Yea we've gotten much closer and i think it's awesome to have this kind of relationship with you step father

"Michael's at band practice at Luke's. He'll be back at around diner time" i nodded and slowly dragged my heavy body down the couple of stairs and into my room.

I, again, plopped myself down on my bed and instantly fell asleep.


"Alex!" I shot up in my bed and saw Michael standing by my side

"Michael! What the hell?!" I shrieked

"Dis you forget something?" He asked and i thought

"Did i need to go to the grocery?" I asked sleepily and he chuckled

"No silly. It's your birthday!" He exclaimed

"Cool.Let me sleep" i groaned and put my face in my cold pillow

"Alex come on. It's almost diner time and we have to celebrate somehow" michael said tugging at my shirt

"No Michael i'm tired" mike groaned and seconds later, He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder

"Stop! Mike put me down!" I yelled as i pounded my fist on his lower back

"Alex! Stop that hurts" he groaned as he shook my body

I started laughing as i bounced up and down on his shoulder with each steps he took in the stairs

"Don't drop me" i warned and he chuckled

"No worries" i smiled

Once we were upstairs, he put me down and i brushed my clothes off

"Happy birthday!" Mum exclaimed as she ran towards me and engulfed me in a bear hug

"Mum" i whined and she laughed

"Come one Alex, cheer up! You'll only have your eighteen birthday once!" She said as she pulled away

"Fine. But no parties!" I said to Michael and he put his hands up in defence

"Okay, how about the amusement park?" He asked and i nodded

"Sure! Tomorrow? I have the day off" i said and he nodded

"With the boys?"

"You got it" we all laughed and mum walked back into the kitchen

"Happy birthday little sis" michael said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed.

"Thanks. But i'm older than you so..." I mumbled into his neck and he chuckled

"No. You're tiny so you're my little sister."

"But i'm still older, you're not even 17 yet" i laughed a si pulled away

"Hush child, i'll be 17 in a week as a matter of fact" he said proudly.

"Still, i'm older" i gently patted his cheek as he groaned.

"Diner!" Daryl yelled and Michael and I ran into the kitchen before sitting down in our usual spots. Daryl put our meals in front of us.

"What a lovely dish" mum said and i laughed.

"Thank you honey, tonight we are having a roasted chicken breast on a bed of thick mashed potatoes. Glazed carrots and rice on the side." Daryl said

"Is Gordon Ramsay here?" Michael laughed and i nugded him

"No. I was just watching Hell's kitchen earlier and... Walla" he said and we all laughed

"Oh Daryl, why am I putting up with you" mum shook her head and i giggled, but soon frowned as i saw Daryl kissing mum

"Okay i think i'm going to barf" michael whispered in my ear and i nodded, taking my eyes off of our- now making out- parents.

"Brr" we both faked a shiver and started eating.

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