Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


25. 25

Alex's pov

"Okay, that's a wrap for your new song. Good job Alex" my producer said into the microphone and i smiled, giving him the thumbs up before sliding the headphones off and getting out of the recording booth

"That was incredible, alex." He smiled and i laughed

"Thanks Ethan" i said. Ethan's my producer and he's 21 years old. He may be young, but this kid's got some talent.

"So, i want you here tomorrow at noon to write new songs, if we want an album soon. I still think Marc is pushing you but we both have to do as told" he shrugged and i sighed

"I know.. But it's still so tiering you know? Anyways, i'll see you tomorrow Ethan" i gave him a hug and took my purse, heading out of the studio.

This past week has been rough. I've been recording and writting almost everyday and i haven't had time for myself or to hang out with the boys. Even if i came home at like 3 in the afternoon, i was too tired to even play Crisis with Tyson, my internet friend.

"Hey Alex, you're home early" mum said as i opened the front door

"I know, this song was easy so i just needed one take for it" she nodded and smiled.

"Well, i made diner, why don't you come join us?" She asked and i nodded

"I am quite hungry" i laughed and so did mum

"You always are, come on rockstar" i laughed and followed her into the kitchen

"Oh hi boys" i greeted as i saw Cal, Luke, Ash and Mikey around the table. They all waved and i sat beside Luke, since it was the last seat.

"So, Alex, how's your album doing?" Daryl asked and all eyes turned to me

"It's doing great, although i hate being at the studio everyday. It's tiering and i don't have time for myself or the boys" i shrugged and looked down at my plate

"It's okay babe, you'll get used to it" luke said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, making me laugh

"Stop" i laughed and shook his arm off

"Anyways, i'm sure your album will rock" Ashton said and I smiled at him

"Thank you"

"You're welcome" he smiled and took a bite of his spaghetti

"Well, i'll be heading upstairs now. I'm really tired" i said getting up and putting my plate in the sink

"Goodnight" i said kissing Ashton's cheek

"Night babe" he whispered back and i hugged him from behind

"What about us?" Mum asked and i rolled my eyes before hugging each of the boys, Daryl and finally her.

"I love Ashton. He's a keeper, defiantly" she whispered in my ear and i giggled before pulling away

"Alright, see you tomorrow afternoon" i sighed and slowly walked downstairs to my room

I decided i'd call ty, since i didn't talk to him since yesterday

"Boo!" He yelled into the phone as he answered

"Ty! How's it going?"

"Fine, fine. Just a bit weird being home" he giggled "What about you?"

"Good. I'm tired though" i laughed

"Why's that?"

"I've been recording new songs all week and it's tireing" i groaned and Tyler laughed

"Don't give up. In the end, it'll all pay off"

"Thanks Ty"

"Welcome boo. Well, i'll have to let you go, i'm cooking breakfast"

"Oh right, timzone" i mentally slapped myself

"We're not good at that are we?" We both laughed

"Nope. Okay goodbye Tyler"

"Goodbye boo" he said right before the line went dead.

I groaned and let myself fall on my bed, already dreading morning.

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