Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


24. 24

Alex's pov

I was sliding my earing in my ear hole when I heard I loud thud noise behind me. I turned around, startled, but immediately laughed as I saw Ashton's body spread across my bedroom floor

"Ash, you're going to wake my family up" I whisper/yelled as I approached him. He got up and brushed himself off before laughing as well

"Since when do you have a window here?" He asked

"I just recently installed it. why did you come through it anyways?"

"I couldn't just ring your doorbell now could I?" He smirked and I laughed

"true. So, where are you bringing me?" I asked as Ashton sat on my bed.

"To a very nice place, my favorite place" He grinned and pulled me on his lap. I giggled and changed position, so that I was straddling him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. We kissed for a couple of seconds before I got up and put on my shoes

"You look beautiful" Ashton whispered in my ear and I smiled

"thank you, you do too" He was wearing a black button up flannel with nice black pants with vans. He looked handsome.

I started feeling a little overdressed, I had a baby blue skirt with a white see through shirt tucked in the skirt. My Brownish/Red hair was slightly curled at the end and I had some silver sandals.

"Alex, you're perfect, don't worry" Ashton breathed out as he pulled me into his chest,

"How did you know what I was thinking about?" I asked, wrapping my small arms around his torso

"Your eyes kept going from my outfit to yours, and well... You're Alex." I slightly chuckled and smiled.

"Now, shall we go? It's midnight" Ash asked as he pulled away. I nodded and I walked towards my window, followed by Ashton.

I put my hands outside on the grass and pulled my self up through the tiny window. Once I was completely through, I watched as Ashton tried to pull himself up.

I laughed and reached my hand out for him. He gladly took it and I tried my best to pull him out. After a couple of seconds, he was outside too and we were walking to his car

"Thank you" I smiled as Ashton opened the door for me. He nodded and smiled before jogging to the other side of the car.

"Let's get this date started" He smirked as he pulled out of my driveway.


"So this place, i used to come here almost every day. It was my special place" Ashton said to me as he held my hand. We were deiving towards his special place


"Yes, i haven't been there for a while now" he said taking a glance at me and smiling. I returned his smile and nodded

"Okay we're here" he said and parked

I looked through his window and saw the forest

"The forest?"

"Just get out" he laughed, making me giggle. I slowly got out of the car, observing the night sky

"Beautiful isn't it? I always came here for this magical view" Ashton said and took my hand

"You came here at night?"

"Yeah, i was a rebel teenager, you know" we both laughed and Ashton led me into the forest. We walked on a small gravel path as our eyes glanced at the night.

It was quite warm for a summer night and there was a small breeze, making the silence filled with nature's sound.

"We're almost there" he whispered. I smiled up at him and cuddled into his side

"I already like this date" i giggled

"It's just the beginning of it" he whispered as he brushed his lips against my forehead. I closed my eyes and continued walking in his arms, enjoying every moment of it.

After a few more minutes, i saw the most wonderfull thing i've ever seen.

We were standing on the edge of a beautiful water fall. It was at least a couple of meters large and 5 meters long. It was truly magical.

"Woah" i gasped as i looked down

"I know. And do you know what's even cooler?" Ashton asked and i turned to face him

"We can go behind the waterfall" he grinned

"How come?"

"Well we're on rocks right now, right?" He said "Well these rocks are the roof to a quite large space behind the water. It's cool, and plus, the water's warm."

I smiled and Ashton nodded to his right. He slowly climbed down a small wall of rocks on the side of the waterfall. Once he was on the ground, he nodded for me to come down

I took a deep shaky breath before my left foot touched the first rock. I had a bit of trouble with finding how to balance myself but i finally did.

After what seemed like ages, i took a final jump and landed right beside Ashton


"Not really" he laughed and took my hand, leading me behind the waterfall. Once we were behind it, we sat down and took off pur shoes.

"This is so cool" i said and heard the echoe of my voice, making me giggle

"It is" i smiled at Ashton and he smiled back. I stretched my legs until half of my them were under the water

"Now, how about some music?" Ashton asked and i giggled


He took out his phone and a small speaker- from where? I don't know- and put on 'Give me love' by Ed Sheeran

"I love this song" i said getting closer to Ash

He wrapped his arms around my wasit and i laid my head on his shoudler as we both looked at the water.


As i woke up, my eyes darted around my room. A small wave of sunlight was peaking through my small window and i smiled

 I sleepily got out of bed and looked st the clock above my dresser.

"13:47?!" I exclaimed and suddenly felt less tired. I rushed upstairs, almost knocking Michael in the way, and made myself some coffee.

"Well you slept a lot" Michael groaned as he came in and Mum and Daryl laughed

"Yea... I had trouble sleeping" i quikly lied, earning a concerned look from my mum

"Again? Do you need some pills?" She asked and i sighed

"No mum, no need for the pills." I smiled and she nodded

"Pills?" Daryl asked

"Well when i was about 13, i had severe insomnia so i had to take pills." I explained and he nodded

"Didn't you have to be at the studio today?" Michael asked taking my coffee mug and gulping some down

"Uhm that's mine, and yes but i'll just ask to come in later" he nodded and i snatched my cup back.

"Don't you have school?" I asked

"No, dropped out-"

"Which was a bad idea" daryl continued and Michael laughed

"I'm not a school person, either way, i've got the band" he shrugged

"What if it doesn't work?" Mum asked

"It will. Alex, don't you have school?" Michael asked

"Graduated and i'm not going to college until next year"

"How come?"

"When i moved here, it was already too late to apply to college" i explained and he nodded

"Well, we're off to work. Be good and Alex, if you're not coming here for Tea, call us" mum said and i nodded. She kissed my forehead and Michael's cheek

"Have a good day!" I called as they walked out

"Bye Mike" i said heading downstairs

"Bye Alex" he waved back

So this was a bit boring but the last part was just so you knew their current situation concerning school.

But overall... Long chapter yay!

Hope you like it and i'll try and update some more

Goodbye, loves

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