Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


22. 22

Alex's pov

"Ty are you sure? I could just let the boys leave and stay a few more days"

"Alex. You're so stubborn" he laughed " go. I'll be fine. I'm getting out of here today, unhooked of these machines and back on my feet. I'll be okay. If there's something wrong, i have your number"

"Okay. But don't delete it this time" i laughed and he stuck his tongue out

"Alright. Well i'll be heading back home now... I love you Ty, don't forget that" i said planting a kiss on his blushing cheeks.

"I love you too. Have a safe flight home boo"ni nodded and gave him one last hug before getting out of his room

"Thank you for coming Alex. He needed you here this week. Now, be sure to be safe and call us if you need anything" hellen said giving me a hug

"Will do. Goodbye Hellen" she waved and i smiled, then i walked back to the taxi that was waiting for me in the front of the hospital

"Where to, m'am?"

"Hilton hotel, please" the cab driver nodded and started driving.

As we swerved in different lanes and street of London, i kept thinking. Thinking about Tyler. Thinking about everything we could've been if i hadn't moved away. It's wrong, i shouldn't, but a part of me still wants him and needs him in my life. Yes, i wouldn't have Ashton, or Calum, or Luke , or Michael, nor would i have a record deal, but i'd have Ty.

No no Alex stop. You like Ashton.

I do like him. He's perfect, inside out. Most guys aren't that kind, smart, funny, laid back. But then again, Ashton isn't most guys. He's different, but a good different, which is what i love about him. He's a sweet guy that understands me. He listens to me and always seems to have the right answer to everything i say.

"Uhm excuse me m'am? We're here" i looked out the window to see our hotel. I looked back at the driver and smiled before paying the fair and getting out

As i stepped in the lobby, i couldn't help but laugh. Michael was trying to balance both of his suitcase in his hand as the other hand held his precious guitar. Luke was sprawled out on the red carpet on the floor. He seemed asleep, although i suspected for him to act as if, just to not do his part in the moving.

Just as i predicted, Calum was in the corner of the room, putting all of his and Luke's suitcases in the rack. He glanced at a 'sleeping Luke' and glared at him

Ashton was dancing around like a balerina and i could perfectly hear 'shut up' by Blink blasting through his earbuds.

I laughed and shook my head before heading towards, a now panting, Calum.

"Need help?" I asked and he nodded

"Yes please." I laughed and took Luke's huge suitcase before swinging it onto the rack

"Thanks princess" Calum kissed my forehead and engulfed me in a hug

"Well that's a first" i giggled as i wrapped my arms around his torso

"What is?"

"You hugging me" i said looking up at him

"Cause i love you" he booped my nose and i cringed

"You know i don't like that" i whined and pulled away

"Yes she doesn't. And she's mine" ashton joked as he playfully punched Calum's arm. I laughed and hugged Ashton

"I've missed you"

"I've missed you too" i replied and he lifted my head up, gently pressing his pink lips on mine.

All my thoughts i had in the cab evacuated my mind. I don't want Tyler. I want to stay right here, in Ashton's strong embrace.

"Ready to go back home?" He asked softly

"Always" he smiled and kissed my nose

"Stop with the couple shit" calum whined as he walked away, pushing the rack full of suitcases, including mine.I looked back up at Ashton and we both laughed

"Well that happened" he chuckled

"Yes, let's go" i took his hand and we both walked behind Michael, calum and a now wide awake Luke.

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