Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


21. 21

Alex's pov

"Woah this is sick!" Calum exclaimed as we arrived in front of the Big Ben.

"Yay. Now you've seen it, can we go?" I asked and they all laughed

"You're lame" Luke pouted

"Here we go again! What's with you and 'You're lame'? It's lame" I smirked and the boys laughed, except for Luke of course

"I like lame. It's cool." He shrugged and I laughed

"Oh my god! Are you 5 seconds of summer?! And Alexis?! Oh my god we're huge fans!" A bunch of girls started asking for pictures. I'm really not used to this. I'm used to being the shy unwanted girl back at home so it's weird.

"Alex?" I heard a small voice calling as I tried my best to hide behind the boys. I turned around and saw a little girl holding a sharpie and a piece of paper in her hands. She showed them to me and I smiled

"Do you want a picture too?" she nodded and looked down. I took her pen and put my knee up, using it as a table to write down.

"What's your name?"


"Alright." I signed her paper and gave it back to her.

"Do you have a camera?" she nodded and pointed towards a lady holding her phone towards us. I smiled, it's probably her grandmother.

"Say cheese Kate!" A flash went off as I held Katelyn in my arms and smiled.

"Thank you Alex. Katelyn is a huge fan" I smiled awkwardly

"How come? I hardly sang one song" I kept smiling

"She just thinks you're inspiring. And since she also like 5sos, she sees you in their videos and she thinks you're really funny, ain't that right darling?" she asked looking down at Katelyn

"Yes. And you're really pretty" she smiled and I awed

"Thank you Katelyn, you are too. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" I laughed and booped her nose

"That's what mommy says to me" she giggled and her grandmother laughed

"Alright, time to go. Goodbye Alex and thank you again"

"Goodbye!" I waved and felt strong arms around my waist

"Your first fan" Ashton whispered in my ear and I leaned my head on his chest.

"I know. It feel weird though" I giggled. Ash chuckled in my ear, making it sound like the sexiest sound in the world, no joke.

"I felt the same way a couple of years ago. Don't worry, it'll wear off" he reassured me as he hugged me tightly

"I know."

"Okay love birds. Let's go eat. I'm hungry" michael whined and i furrowed my brows

"Didn't you want to see my big friend Ben?" I smirked and he chuckled

"While you were talking to your fan and basically making out with my best friend" he glared at Ashton " we took pictures" he said shoving his phone in my face

"Okay, first" i pushed his phone away "don't do that. And second, i was not even kissing Ash" i laughed and he shrugged

"Whatever. Let's go" he whined again pulling me by my arm, snatching me away from my love

"Let me go" i laughed but he shook his head

"Luke! Calum! Someone get me away from this evil step bro!" I yelled and they laughed

"Ask your prince charming" they yelled back and i blushed

"Ashton" i whined while he just laughed as they all walked behind us

"He's your brother"

"Step...brother" michael and i muttered, making the guys laugh

"Okay. Leave Alex alone." Luke finally said as he jerked me away from Michael

"Thanks, now, let's eat" i said running towards the Nando's across the street.

"Yeah she's uh... She's mental" calum said behind me and the boys laughed

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