Time A.I

"We're running out of time"
"I'll make some for you, i promise"


2. 2

Alex's pov

"Where is this stupid boyfriend of yours" i snapped at my mum

"Alex" she warned


We were currently waiting outside the aiport for Daryl.

He's late, surprise.

I know i've never met him but it's just this odd feeling i get.


"Oh he'll be here in 10 minutes"

My mum exclaimed as she put her phone back in her purse

"Yay" i said sarcastically

"Alex" my mum warned again

I lift my hands up in defence and she chuckled

"What am i going to do with you?" She asked laughing

"I don't know, give me all your money because you love your daughter so so much?"

"Never" we laughed and a car parked in front of us

"Daryl!" My mum exclaimed as we saw a man coming out of the drivers seat

My mother and him hugged and kissed, while i just looked down at my phone, pretending to not see their tongues fighting.

I coughed loudly after a few minutes, deciding i've had enough.

"Uh sorry"

"Mum are you blushing?!" I exclaimed laughing as i walked to the car

"Shush. Let's go."

I scoffed and hoped into the back of the car

"So i'm Daryl!" Daryl said as he turned to me and presented me his hand

"Uhm... Alex." I said as i took his hand. He looked at mum and they both sight before we started the car

"Really? You too mr Clifford?" I asked annoyingly

"It's Daryl"

"Whatever" i scoffed and listened to music all the way home

"We're here" daryl said smiling at me

I nodded and got out, taking a few things along.

Okay maybe i'll try and actually smile to the guy. I don't even know him. Maybe he's actually cool.


"Come on Alex" my mum laughed as i shook my head before heading towards the door.

"This house is huge" i exclaimed as i did a 360 in the living room.

"I know" Daryl laughed

I smiled back, slightly though

"I'm really sorry about earlier, i was just still pretty angry" i chuckled

"It's fine. Hey Michael! Come meet Alex" Daryl screamed towards the stairs.

I heard shuffling and a few seconds later, a guy with bright red hair came shuffling down the stairs

"Hey you're hot" he said winking at me

"Dude, i'm your step sister" i laughed pushing past him and heading to my room

"Fuck" i heard Michael mumble

"Mike Clifford, language" Daryl said and i laughed

Wait where is my room?

I opened one door, nope that's a bathroom

I opened the other one, nope master bedroom.


I opened the last door at the very end of the hall and opened the door

"Woah" i looked around and saw a HUGE flat screen hanging on the wall, loads of video games, a mini fridge, some guitars and bass with a drumset and a big arse couch.

"You're a gamer?" I turned around to be faced with Michael

"Are you here to tell me how hot i am?" I questionned

"No. I'm supposed to be nice to you" i scoffed

"Don't be nice to me"

"Why not?"

"Cause i won't be to you"

"Bitch" he muttered.

"I know." I laughed and headed out of the door

"Hey one more thing" i asked turning around

"Mhh?" Michael said turning around too and crossing his arms

"Where the hell is my room?"

"In the basement. Your room is next to the mancave and mine is next to the bathroom. I call dibs on the mancave to hang out with my mates. Feel free to hang out in here. Or not." I nodded and headed back downstairs

"I already hate Michael" i said to my mum and she laughed as i ran to the basement.

I saw a door with a red cross on it. That must be Mike's room.

Then there was the bathroom, which was big and modern.

Next door was paradise. PURE PARADISE.

A room full of posters of my favorite bands like


All time low

Sleeping with sirens

Pierce the veil

Foo fighters

Mayday parade

Black veil brides

Yea you get the drift.

In the center of the room layed a big comfy mother flying bed. A tv was set in front of my bed. Happily for me, there was no window so i didn't have lights coming in in the moring.

I'm a vampire.

"Yo mum this is so AWESOME" i yelled towards the hall, earning a laugh from my mum and Daryl

"Dude shut up!" Michael screamed from upstairs

"Don't talk stupid boy!" I yelled back

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